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Gangnam Style _ The Korean horse dance that amused the world


This Korean pop sensation PSY – Gangnam Style has become big enough to be in your face  and is now known worldwide as the current  hottest happening star not only on you tube but  also on your TV. He  is 34 year old PSY ( short form for Psycho) who is korean  and his wild and wacky  Horse riding dance  accompanied by a catchy tune  has catapulted him to  worldwide fame on You tube and now on TV Music charts as well.

Gangnam Style In Australia

open gangnam style from psy korea

Pic : www.digitalgrog.com.au


The song Gangnam style has raced past The current popular hit on you tube

“Gotye’s – somebody That i used to know “ ( 330 Million views) and can soon beat theNo 1 on the internet

“Justin Bieber You tube record of The song-  BABY”  with 784 million Views.


PSY Gangnam style has topped the charts in Australia and UK  and  has become popular on the music harts in 33 countries in spite of his song being in Korean

Australian Music Charts (Foreign Language songs)

There have been other foreign language songs earlier that has graced the Australian music charts like below

La Bamba  ( LOS LOBOS 1987)


Macarena ( LOS DEL RIO 1996)

The Ketchup  ( LAS KETCHUP 2002)


Los del Rio - Macarena (Original Video) [HD]

Los Del Rio

The video has also gained attention in Various different media shows With Britney spears trying it on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Chris gayle Gangnam style In world Twenty ten Cricket  and  Google top honcho “Eric Schmidt gangnam style and  BOLLYWOOD GANGNAM STYLE and you can also check  out a bunch of gangnam style parody songs over here


For details on Gotye’s upcoming tour dates go here http://www.gotye.com



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