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Businesses and projects rely on well-structured reports to ensure accurate communication about goals and objectives, requirements, designs, measuring and recording progress, etc. Our reports consist of reports on the changes in the stock market, Business News and Economic and politic changes during the week.

 Update : More Australian  and state  Budget Documents below

2011 Budget, 2012 budget, States Budget

Australian Budget 2010 at a glance

Tax Benefits

Lodging your tax returns to become easier and everybody to get  default $500 to $1000 in deductions in a  phased ( 2012 – 2013 ) manner
50% Tax discount for  first $1000 of investment income.
Tax relief for foriegn investors in managed funds

Goverment And Business Spending

$5.6 bn infrastructure fund  spending over for ten years
$661 spending for training  for apprenticeships , training  ,adult literacy and numeracy programs
$1,bn for all freight projects which will benefit the mining sector
National network of primary care services.

Henry Review tax reform at a glance

  • Lower paid workers (up to $37,000) will get a $500 government contribution to offset tax on their super contributions
  • Increase in employer superannuation contributions from 9 percent to 12 percent starting in 2013. According to the treasurer, that will give a 30 year old on an average salary an extra $108,000 at retirement.
    • A new 40 percent tax on resources profits (Resource Super Profits Tax) from July 1 2012. Taxes profits instead of production. State resources levies will remain but resources companies will be compensated by the Commonwealth.
    • Company tax to be cut from 30 percent to 28 percent by 2015 with small business to get cuts early uin 2012/13
    • Small business will be able to immediately write off assets of up to $5000 in a single depreciation pool
    • Changes to income tax and simpler tax returns to be announced in the coming months
    • No changes to property taxes

Australian Federal budget 2010

According to the Treasurer, Australia now has “a budget position that is the envy of the developed world.

”Net debt is forecast to peak earlier and lower than expected at 6.1% of GDP, or just over $90 billion, in 2011-12.

That’s less than one-tenth the average of the major economies.

The budget’s economic forecasts are also up-beat, allowing the Treasurer to boast in his address to Parliament that “unemployment … is expected to fall further from 5.3 per cent today to 4.75 per cent by mid-2012, around the level consistent with full employment.”

2012 -2013 Australian Budget – Review – Link



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