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List and updates Of the latest  Company Takeovers & Mergers

Below is a list of the Latest Mergers and  takeovers  that have been submitted to the authorities for  approvals and officially announced. Check below

2017 taken over

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Latest media releases were found as below

The government has two main websites for takeovers and mergers.

For takeovers you can visit this government website – http://www.takeovers.gov.au
For mergers you can visit the website http://www.accc.gov.au/204

The Media releases on the takeovers website gives you the latest news. On any takeovers or mergers news on the industry,

you can also subscribe via RSS or then email alerts to get the latest takeovers and mergers news. You can also check out the latest takeovers and merger news on our website on the right hand bar on the main page .


Some more useful links
For more Current merger and acquisitions in process you can visit the Mergers register and go here for a Overview of mergers law in Australia

About Mergers and takeovers
A merger or acquisition can encompass a Sale of Business,Capital raising,Management buy-outs, Divestments and new Partnerships. Takeovers,

Mergers and acquisitions can involve selling a business, buying a business, attract investors, negotiate sales between existing partners,
divest, business exit strategies and planning, how to prepare your business for sale, comprehensive market appraisals and consultation.

Mergers and takeovers are very similar corporate actions, they combine two previously separate firms into a single legal entity, takeovers are more like a aquistion of another company.

Mergers or takeovers help in boosting economies of scale, get better sales revenue and market share, and in some cases increased tax efficiency for a bigger company

A takeover or acquisition, is generally a purchase of a smaller company by a much larger company. This combination a small or a larger company can produce the same benefits as a merger, but it sometimes the decision is not mutual in a takeover and these ones are termed as “hostile takeover”.

ACCC Current informal Merger Reviews – https://www.accc.gov.au/public-registers/mergers-registers/public-informal-merger-reviews

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