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Are the wealthy taking over Australia ?


Australia is losing its “fair go” culture  and is under threat  from a elite and rich group of wealthy business people – including Andrew forest, Gina Rinehart and Clive Palmer – who are using their riches  to undermine good Policy and threaten our democracy –says Treasurer Wayne Swan . Mr swan has steered most businesses in Australia through the GFC with much less impact  than has been felt throughout other economies.

wealthy oppose tax Mr wayne swan speech

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Mr Swan said Australians should be concerned  about the excessive and increasing power of vested interests  with power and wealth to back up their agenda to their own benefit.

This was evident  when major Mining companies said they were cutting down expansions and staff due to the Mining tax  and GFC and other factors, but soon as the Rudd led cabinet was shafted in favour of  Julia Gillard  they went ahead with their million dollar project expansions.

There was bitterness after the mineral  resource rent tax  and carbon price was introduced  with the purses of  the wealthy being hit. The big miners Invested millions of dollars in opposing  these taxes and policies by advertising in TV and print media  , saying it would hit the common man in Australia. It is unusual that this direct method was used by the wealthy corporations rather than politicians being influenced and lobbying being done which is often the case at times.

Mr swan has urged Politicians to cater to and look after the common mans benefit , and supporting the workers rather than succumbing to the lobbying of the wealthy  and  to give Australia  the sense of fairness and decency it deserves.

The government is said to be in the midst of considering a report on media law reform. This could be the result of Gina Rinehart  taking a large shareholding in The seven news media network , making her even more powerful which could be a cause for concern for many only not only  within the media industry but also outside  the media industry.

Radio , TV and Newspapers due to the power they wield have often have been claimed to support and make and break governments in other countries , deciding on who they decide to favour.

Mr swan goes on to write that  the mining campaigns brought out by the wealthy people against the tax damaged  the government , brought on instability and resulted in prime minister Mr Rudd being toppled. With this proposed Mining tax not going through, the government will be short of $110 Billion to use towards taxpayers benefit.

Mr swan said "It is the tiny 1 precent, or even 0.1 per cent (you know who they are) who are trying to drown out the others, who are blind to the national interest and pour their considerable personal fortune into advertising ,armies of lobbyist, dodgy modelling,and corporate and commercial manoeuvring designed to influence editorial decisions.



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