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Has the “Age of cyber war arrived”


Israel has admitted that it uses cyberspace to attack its enemies and reports in the  NYTIMES  have confirmed that  US was also a part of the STUXNET infiltration (a worm that infiltrated industrial systems of the German company Siemens, apparently to disrupt uranium enrichment in Iran.)of  Iran’s sensitive Nuclear programme.

US , Israel in cyber wars against countries

More about the Stuxnet Worm ( virus)

worm-virus stuxnet  flame duqu cyber war

Other worms in the “spotlight”

Duqu virus



Flame virus


A Israeli website said it was “for the first time” revealing a document recently written by the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) Operations Department, detailing the goals and methods of its cyber warfare.

The website said it had been using cyberspace for intelligence gathering and “will” also use it “to execute attacks” and “clandestine” operations.

Australia Vulnerable to Cyber attacks

The chief executive of security firm Kaspersky Lab has warned that Australia cannot defend itself from the rising tide of cyber attacks from ­foreign powers, the best of which come from Russia and China. Mr Kaspersky said Russian malware continued to be the world’s best at attacking systems and it was largely created by criminal gangs

2012 Cyber Attacks Timeline Master Index

List of cyber attack trends

History of major cyber attacks

A report in The New York Times by David E. Sanger, based on the book Confront and Conceal: Obama’s Secret Wars and Surprising Use of American Power, published, said American President Barack Obama ordered the computer virus program, begun during the Bush administration, be ramped up.

Eugene Kaspersky chief executive of security firm Kaspersky Lab  said “Most attacks come from China and most criminal malware is written in Chinese. “The second most used language is Portuguese . . . and that’s most probably Brazil. “The third most popular language is Russian, which means it comes from Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Baltic countries.”

The statement comes immediately  after one of  the world’s top virus-hunting agencies  Kapersky said it discovered a virus codenamed Flame on computers in Iran and several Middle East countries.

Kaspersky Lab compared Flame to Duqu and Stuxnet, two other virus programs that targeted Iran.

virus software malware cyber war china russia us

This Advanced Malicious Virus was designed to carry out cyber espionage by stealing images, audio conversations and other data, and had been in use for more than two years( since 2010) in the open without being noticed.

Flame targets computers running the Windows operating system and apparently spreads through infected thumb drives, websites and manipulated emails.

The Moscow-based Kaspersky Lab said most infections (189) were found in Iran, and, although other infections (98) were also found in Israel.

Media reports from kapersky  have reported that China  and Russia are the originators of the most cyber attacks (including state sponsored) and viurs attacks on computers.



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