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IS Facebook Ipo going to set the Tech ipo trend of 2012


Facebook has filed for its IPO and with that filing, a lot of new information about the company was revealed. Facebook is rumored to be going public this week in a deal that could value the social-networking site at an astonishing $100 billion

Facebook IPO reveals information

845 million monthly active users,

483 million daily active users,

Over 425 million monthly active users using Facebook’s mobile products.

In its filing Facebook appears to consider growth in mobile use among the key risks to the company.

You can view the filing in its entirety, as well as a letter from Mark Zuckerberg here.

Facebook_tech ipo

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People are increasingly using their smartphones (and tablets) to access the web which should Increase mobile Facebook use and  Facebook isn’t currently monetizing this use (with ads), but that is likely to change soon.

In fact with timeline facebook’s new planned FrontPage format, many users are already saying its probably going to make another MySpace of  Facebook, as not many users like the new look of Facebook the once loved. Google G+ and twitter at the same time  are getting better day by day  adding new features to their own websites


some of the Tech ipos from  last year


ZYNGA Zynga went public in December at $10, but closed down 5 percent to $9.50.Zynga now trades at around $10.50 and remains a gaming force to be reckoned with

GROUPON – Daily deals giant Groupon went public last Nov. 4. Its stock debuted at $20 per share and hit a high of $31.14 before closing at $26.11 by the market close.

tech ipo groupon 2011 2012


Professional social network LinkedIn probably had the biggest IPO in terms of hype this year because it was one of the first big social media companies to go public. The ipo was prices at  $45 per share on the New York Stock Exchange, LinkedIn began trading at $83.00 per share on May 19.


Previous B IG TECH IPO Debut’s


Google: 2004
Google filed for its IPO in April 2004, with Morgan Stanley & Co. Inc. and Credit Suisse First Boston LLC.The search giant raised $1.2 billion for a market value of $23 billion and Shares were offered at $85, but opened to $100.

facebook ipo i like button

Microsoft: 1986
Microsoft went public in March 1986 at $21 per share, closing at $27.75 a share its first day. Microsoft is currently valued at $248.45 billion.

Amazon: 1997
Amazon went public in May 1997 with 3 million shares of common stock for $18 per share.

Amazon is currently valued at $87.38 billion

Apple: 1980 IPO
Apple went public in December 1980 at $22 per share. It was one of the  the largest IPO of its times. Apple is currently valued at $422.37 billion.

Yahoo: 1996
Yahoo’s April 1996 IPO were priced at $13, opened at $24.50, and closed at $33. The ipo created a frenzy at the market with many  investors looking to cash in on the dot-com boom. Yahoo is currently valued at $19.3 billion.




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