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Advantages of Access Anywhere Investment Software


When you are looking to build the most “successful investment portfolio” via a systematic approach, you will have many factors to consider, as well as actions to take.

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You will need to determine your investment strategy, for example, considering whether you are a conservative or aggressive investor, while your asset allocation will also need to be figured out. Your asset baskets will then need to be filled with specific investments, with portfolio rebalancing also needing to be done periodically.

Clearly, it’s understandable that individuals managing such a portfolio – whether they are high net worth investors, stockbrokers, IFAs or fund managers, to name just some possibilities – would decide to make use of suitable investment management software incorporating a wide range of functionalities to make their lives easier.

Such functionalities could include everything from comprehensive reporting encompassing transaction, valuation, contribution and regulatory data to portfolio modelling and rebalancing consisting of strategic/dynamic modelling and blended modelling/asset allocation. But what is access anywhere investment management software, and why should wealth managers choose it?

Explaining ‘access anywhere’ investment software


In today’s world, the traditional ‘9 to 5’ is collapsing, with more and more individuals working from home and/or in all manner of remote environments. The top finance staff of major corporations, CFOs and MDs, CEOs involved in finance issues, IFAs, stockbrokers and high net worth investors alike are spending an ever-decreasing proportion of time chained to their desk in the same office, instead being constantly ‘on the go’.

This trend of an increasingly mobile, remote working corporate world has coincided with the rise of ‘cloud computing’, with more and more functionalities and technologies that might have once involved the installation of software on one local device now being delivered ‘as a service’ over the web.

The world of investment management software has not been immune to this trend, with the leading software solutions offering full interface functionality either via web services, or involving the importing of files from multiple locations.

Web based software of any kind allows its users to access it from any location in the world with an Internet connection, and from any device that is capable of the same, which is why a tablet friendly portal is another priority for many of those considering investment management software. This is why the terms ‘access anywhere software’ and ‘web based software’ are largely synonymous.

Why should you prefer access anywhere investment software?


Access anywhere investment software is used over the Internet with a web browser, with no CDs needing to be installed, or software downloaded. Nor is the client required to leave space on their own systems for upgrades, or even think about them – instead, the company behind the software can be entrusted with evolving it in line with a changing business landscape, meaning that the client always benefits from the most up-to-date version.

Users of access anywhere investment software don’t need to take the software with them in any form for their constant foreign business trips, as the data is centralised, being available over the Internet from any computer, at any time. Clients can access information about their investments and get to work on the management of their portfolio from anywhere, also not needing to worry about the theft, damage or loss of data.

Traditional software, after all, involves data being saved in all manner of locations, from USB drives and laptops to portable hard drives. Particularly as far as such a sensitive matter as one’s investment portfolio is concerned, it is a considerable reassurance to have that data securely stored on the most up-to-date, state of the art enterprise-class servers. It makes the latest backups and security patches and updates for one’s own devices just slightly less critical, which is invaluable, given how often they are also completely forgotten.

If you are looking to manage your investment portfolio, in a 21st century corporate environment, you will want to be able to quickly access the full range of investment management software functionalities, encompassing order management, real time performance measurement, client relationship management and more, in a truly fuss-free and efficient manner.

You are not likely to want to get bogged down with technical requirements. Instead, you’ll want to be able to leave such responsibilities to the directors, project managers, technology developers and business analysts who conceived the software and are therefore best-placed to incrementally modify it in line with the current business landscape and the common needs of clients.

The right access anywhere investment software gives you precisely this convenience and peace of mind, allowing for your focus to remain firmly on your investments.





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