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Get an exotic bet for Melbourne cup !!


Can youturn $1.92  to $77,000 at the melbounre cup ?

Yes you can , in 2012 last year in just over 3 minutes a lucky female punter turned eight cents into $77,000 with the first four bet.

The first time  online customer laid out a total of 1.92 on several combinations of bets , but it was the bet on the first four to win the Melbourne cup – in that order  Green Moon ,Fiorente ,Jakkalberry and Kelinni.. which brought her the jackpot. The odds were really stacked up at 969,406 to one , but they punter went home happy.

2013 melbourne cup

So what kinds of bets can you play at the Melbourne cup?

About Fixed Odds Betting

Unlike Tote or tote betting, with Fixed Odds you know exactly how much you stand to win after you have placed your bet. Fixed Odds returns are quoted per $1.00 invested so to calculate your projected payout, simply multiply the amount you wish to invest by the current odds displayed for your selected outcome.

Eg if you bet $1 on the horse and curently the horse odds or payout for winning is  $20 , then you get 1×20 = $20  if the horse wins 

Multi Bet

Multi betting enables you to include a variety of sports and Fixed Odds options in one bet.

The return is calculated by multiplying the prices of each individual selection together to obtain a Multi return for that combination. A Multi selection is called a ‘leg’ and a sport-based Multi can contain anywhere between 2 and 10 legs.

Accumulator betting

This is a variation of the multi bet. Accumulator is a modified form of Multi betting. While Multi bets can be played across sports and bet types, Accumulator is played within one round of a nominated sport and within one bet type.

Accumulators can include 2 to 10 legs, dependent on the sport, and you make selections only in the games you wish to play.Like Multi betting, the return for an Accumulator is calculated by multiplying the individual returns of each selection together.

AFL, NRL, Union (Super 15) and Soccer (English Premier League) are the sports Fixed Odds is currently offering Accumulators on regularly.

You can download the latest document from the RWWA Legislation & Rules page for fixed odd rules

Download Fixed Odds Rules

Here is an offer if you looking to start an online betting account  with upto $650 free bets on signing up online

sporstbet $650 offer for melbounre cup  online betting

How to join Online  betting ore sign up

Below are the requirements for you to activate your account. In short or to summarise the requirement below  , if you provide your current driver license which has a photograph and a passport or proof of age card , your account can be activated.

Required identification process documents.

Group One Documents (With Photograph)

  • Current Passport
  • Current Drivers License
  • Proof of Age Card

Any two Group 1 documents
One Group 1 and one Group 2 document
One Group 1 and one Group 3 document
One Group 1 and two Group 4 documents

Group Two Documents (Without Photograph)

Birth Certificate
Certified Copy of Birth Extract
Centrelink Pension Card

Plus one Group 3 document or Two Group 4 documents

Citizenship Certificate

Plus two Group 3 documents; or
One Group 3 and Two Group 4 documents
Group Three Documents (issued within previous 3 months)

Council Rates Notice
Electricity Account
Gas Account
Fixed Line Phone Account
Water Usage Account
Water Rates Notice

Two Group 3 and Two Group 4 documents Group Four Documents (supplementary documents)

Medicare Card
Bank or Building Society Debit Card
Health Care Card (e.g., HBF, Medibank)

Some providers will not let you withdraw funds if you have opened your account  and not provided  paperwork within their timeframes.



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