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Why Do We Need More Young Leaders in the Workplace


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It is an excellent time to be an aspiring young leader. Young leaders are needed and in large quantities. Here are the reasons why.

To inspire a generation of future leaders

Part of leadership development includes mentorship. Young leaders are more likely to encourage more young leaders, as they give them the role model that they require to pursue this treacherous path.

Research shows that young-headed organizations are attractive to young and upcoming leaders. They see the young figurehead as an outstanding anchor in life that they can lean on for hope. As more young take up positions, the more it unlocks the potential of humanity.

They are qualified to take up leadership positions

The glass ceiling has yet to be shattered, as it takes almost twice the level of qualification for a young person to be promoted. With the right amount of leadership coaching, there are millions of potential leaders out there. Some fear taking responsibility, as they are unsure of their capability.

Young leaders are proven regarding inclusive and consultative working environments

A 21st-century leader must possess certain traits for him or her to be successful. One such trait is the ability to lead a friendly working environment. Research shows that young people are more likely to consult, learn, improve, listen to feedback, and extend empathy to their teams. When an organization has such a leader, there is less burnout, high job satisfaction rate, community-conscious workplaces, and meaningful work. Such organizations don’t just chase profits; they look at the bigger picture.

Young people are known to be resilient

In the modern era, new and diverse problems require an assortment of skills. Everyone is invited to the table to help navigate the new challenges in marketing, branding, customer relationship, product development, and other business processes. In the public sphere, issues of policy and implementation also call for everyone to participate.

In future, these traits will make the young become more inspiring leaders as the world moves towards experiential (customer experience-centric) economy.

They make the bulk of the consumers

Young people consume most of the products that come out of it. While they are doing a good job, they are shaping up to take the same by storm. They are bringing something that was not there in the past. Young people and leadership roles are becoming more compatible as more of them join the elusive class of executives and succeeding.

To promote an equitable workplace

More young people emerge to populate the emerging leadership roles in the public sphere and the corporate world. The overall outcome is a balanced workplace. Such an environment, though rare, it provides complimentary qualities that both men and women possess. The outcome is a successful organization.


For us to get more young leaders, we need more and more of them today to inspire others. That’s why we need more support and organisation who provide confidential counselling for young people. We also need to realize that the place for youngs in the global economy is enormous, the earlier we let them take the lead, the better it will be for the world.



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