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Did  you ever wonder, that why  doesn’t somebody create a gadget  that just mirrors everything that you can get on your desktop on to your tv , well Google has just come out with a  gadget chrome cast that does that.

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Now you can enjoy your favourite online shows and music from YouTube, Netflix, Google Play and Chrome on your High Definition TV

Chrome cast App is an new gadget by google that allows web content to be played on your HDTV hassle free. All it needs is the chrome browser on your pc  which is available for free if you don’t already  have it

The program makes use of a “Chromecast device” and your Wi-Ficonnection to send web media content from your computer to your TV.

The Chromecast App makes for one of the easiest ways to enjoy the online media experience on your TV, playing shows and audio streams from online services  and it also has the ability to broadcast a  tab on to your tv. The Google chrome browser uses tabs to open different windows in your browser.

The requirement for this  to function is

· Chromecast device (The chrome cast  gadget)
· Wi-Fi Network
· Internet Connection

-Chrome browser ( with the chrome cast app available free)

Now this isn’t just  “technology for business”, but technology that can be used for homes as well as business and offices. getting this gadget you can get rid of you projectors  and just get any content on your laptop or pc onto that TV screen. Article by digitalfrog for Cool Gadgets Online

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