Get the Henry Tax review Original document files downloads here


Henry tax review reform papers was released  2 may 2010

Document download for Henry  tax review Document

The Henry tax review is finally  out  and  everyone can have a look at it in detail. The tax review out on 2nd May 2010 was not  much of a surprise as not many of the recommendations got implemented , but then not many of the henry recommendations also did get rejected, so we can see a slow implementation of many recommendations through the next coming years.

Here are the Henry tax reform Documents ( .doc . pdf ) for download 

Date Released – 2 May 2010  – PDF

Final Report: Part 1 – Overview1.0MB

Final Report: Part 2 – Detailed Analysis – Volume 11.9MB

Final Report: Part 2 – Detailed Analysis – Volume 22.2MB

Treasury Secretary Ken Henry has spent 18-months reviewing Australia’s tax system and  finally the 1000 page report is released.

The Henry review tax reforms at a glance

    1. 40% Rent resource tax of the mining sector companies
    2. Superannuation reform taxes to help lower income workers(superannuation to go up to 12% from 9%)(The increase in the superannuation guarantee will occur from July 1, 2013, with the first of two 0.25% raises to come on that date, with the second to occur on July 1, 2014. From July 1, 2015-19, the guarantee will be lifted by increments of 0.5%, resulting in the target 12% guarantee by the end of the decade)
    3. Company tax rate cut from 30 % to 25 %
    4. All family tax benefits to be a  single means tested payment
    5. Small businesses will be able to write-off assets worth up to $5,000 in the year of purchase under changes announced by the Federal Government today.


Get the Henry Tax review Original document files downloads here  


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