Cats eating more fish that their owners


“In many cases they are eating better quality fish than their owners”. Leading this fishy business is the US, where more than 1.1 million tonnes of small forage fish, including sardines, herrings and anchovies, go into cat food.

Each cat in Australia eats 13.7 kilograms of fish a year, while humans on average consume about 11 kilograms of fish and seafood each.

“Good fish is being wasted because of some pet owners’ hedonistic needs when feeding their pets.”  GOURMET meals dished up to pampered pets could be threatening world fish supplies, Victorian scientists have warned. 2,48 million tonnes of “forage” fish ie sardines, herrings and anchovies, are being consumed by the world’s cat population via the cat food industry, each year.That means about 13.7 kg per putty cat, purr year. Note, that is, only if you have an Aussie cat, not all global cats are so lucky (or included in the study).

canned Cat Food

“Australian pet cats are eating better than their owners,” Friggin felines are messing with our fish supplies and denying third world countries. A recent report draws attention to the cat food industry’s use of forage fish, which includes sardines and herrings and is considered a limited biological resource.researchers have discovered that cats eat 2 and a half tons of real fish each year and not only that, it’s the good stuff. In other words cats are eating fish that could be consumed by humans when they could be eating the guts, heads and the rest of the offal. Read more here  @

Cats eating more fish that their owners  


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