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Where Australia stands in credit Suisse wealth report


The 2013 Credit Suisse – Global Wealth Report aim to provide the most comprehensive study of world wealth and progress of wealth  accumulation among individuals and countries.

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The report is made for Credit Suisse in collaboration with Professors Anthony Shorrocks and Jim Davies

This report measures and analyze trends in wealth across nations, from the very bottom of the “wealth pyramid” to ultra high net worth individuals.

Global wealth has reached a new all-time high of USD 241 trillion

the credit suisse global wealth report 2013 2012 and 2011

Old 2012 wealth report


According to  the study, Australia can be said to be the “lucky country”,   with Australians said to be  the richest people in the world, by at least one measure.

The median wealth of adult Australians stands at $US219,505 ($233,504) – the highest level in the world, according to the Credit Suisse 2013 Global Wealth Report, released on Wednesday.

The number of Australian millionaires increased by 38,000 to 1.123 million people and  about half of the rise in  Australian wealth is said to be due to dollar rate exchange appreciation.

The study measures median wealth  as a average  middle point between richest and poorest,  and has measured  that 50 per cent of the population has more than $233,504, and 50 per cent less than that, making  the Australians  to be quite wealthy according to this report , specially  when you take the sparse population into account.

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