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Is Genesis Studiopress Websites a good choice for small business


When you have 20 + websites that you manage for yourself, you end up learning a lot about web design, wordpress themes, installing and fixing websites and practising SEO.

studiopress + genesis framework

Today I am reviewing an awesome wordpress theme provider. I signed up with them, earlier on last year and since then, I have used their themes on five of my new and existing websites.

Yup I actually removed the old wordpress theme and installed the Studiopress – Genesis themes. Why because I noticed a good change (increase) in traffic and speed after swapping the old theme with the new studiopress theme on one of my websites.

I will even show you an example of one of my sites – check it out

I used to use  solostream wordpress theme for my  blog website and also continue to use elegant themes on some other websites, but I can tell you that studiopress is my new go to for the professional looking wordpress design and inbuilt SEO.


Why studiopress themes for WordPress?

I can sum it up in just one word, because they are “Awesome”, but I am sure you would want more than that fi you are also looking to change to something better – so here is a list of what I liked.

Professional looking design

All thier themes look slick and professional to the eye. The theme/template design potrays a website with quality and professionalism.

Mai Lifestyle Pro Theme by genesis

Maipro Lifestyle and wellness theme by studiopress


Multiple themes available

I purchased the lifetime membership which is the best value in my humble opinion. You get access to many different kind of themes, recipe theme, agency theme, portfolio theme, news theme, fashion blog theme and many more.

The themes are provided by studiopress themselves and many themes are now also by approved third party theme makers.


Quality and speed

A well coded theme means quality and speed and that is what studiopress gives you. Thier WP themes have been coded by the best programmers specifically focussing on speed and clean certified code without any errors. This also ensures that your website theme does not slow down your hosting servers.


Modern html markup

The theme structure is streamlined and the design uses php and also the latest html 5 to bring out the best in design quality.


WordPress plugins support

When you purchase a theme from them, you automatically get free custom plugins to support and further enhance your theme design with sliders, featured posts and more.

They also have some custom paid plugins if you need to do in-depth customization of your templates.

Genesis framework and child themes

If you dont know much about the concept of child themes, then this is how it works – You have the main theme which is the base theme or framework (Genesis) in this case and then you have the child theme – the studiopress wp theme templates.

The base theme or genesis framework holds the basic information/structure of the website and so even if you change design/templates you dont lose much information due to your themes being the child theme for the framework.

In simple terms you get a robust base framework and less chances of losing data with change in templates/themes.


Modern and responsive

All the themes provided are fully responsive and work well on desktops, tablets and mobile. The designs are made using modern concepts and trends to display fluid design and flow.


Inbuilt seo

seo settings genesis2 reduced

Who doesnt like a template with good inbuilt seo. I have been using these themes for a while now and I do know you can rank websites based solely with the inbuilt seo functions, with no need for third party SEO plugins. This one is a prime example of this. This framework reduces your load of work for onpage seo.

Genesis isn’t cluttered with unnecessary options either, which can often cause slow load times with other standard wordpress themes.

To get their lifetime pro plus package, which is what I recommend even though its a bit pricey – Its worth it . Check out the deal here

If you are on a budget then you could just  go with the single theme that costs anywhere from $99 to 129


Frequently asked Questions about Genesis Themes


Is it easy to download and customize studio press themes?

It is easy to download and upload a theme to your wordpress blog. For customising your theme they provide you detailed setup guides to make your website just like the demo theme. They also provide extensive code snippets guides with code samples which you can copy and paste to further customise certain sections of your website. In certain cases you might need a coder to change things, but you can always contact their support in the first instance.

Can I use the purchased theme on multiple websites?

You can use any theme package you purchase as many times as you’d like, on as many websites as you desire. The purchase of theme packages allows you lifetime use of the themes and lifetime support for the original purchaser. In other words, they do not restrict your use to a specific number of sites, or a specific period of time in which they can be used.


Do I have to repurchase genesis framework for buying second theme?

The genesis framework theme is a onetime purchase if you purchase it by itself. You get this free anyway if you purchase a studiopress child theme. Once you have it, you are free to use it with any third party compatible theme.


Studiopress genesis launches hosting with wordpress

Now you can get the best of both wordpress themes and webhosting with genesis studiopress entering the hosting business. The first bonus that caught my eye had to be the free lets encrpyt (https) and the free migration of your website, but they do have more bonuses. Studiopress Genesis themes have long been known for thier robust fast loading and superior quality wp themes. That is also the reason why you pay more for them.

the 24 a month plan with studiopress

Their budget hosting plan starts at$24 a month (with bonus 24 studiopress premium themes included)

With thier new hosting plans, you can get both the theme and website at the same place, and get your website started quickly and easily.These plans are best suited for serious bloggers, affiliate marketersand people starting new small business websites.


You could try studiopress by purchasing a single theme (anywhere between $99 to $129 with genesis framework) or get the plus package including all the themes. But, there’s something to be said about buying the Pro Plus All Theme Package because you don’t have to pay again. Ever.


The best thing I like about the themes is you can just download a theme in minutes, upload it to your server in a flash and get it all set up in half an hour with thier free set up tutorials and plugins. Now all you need to do is focus on writing content for your good looking website. This is a real time saver possibly not only for developers who do this regularly, but also for bloggers like me.


get wp themes with hosting


Review  by Jeff for http://www.wordpressaustralia.com.au/blog/



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