So what does it take to build a blog website or a business website ?

For years having a high quality business website has been an expensive and often tiresome experience for small businesses until wordpress websites arrived on the scene. Large businesses that can afford to pay $1500 to $10000 for a custom website or that require some very unique functionality will still probably use the full traditional website option, but for everyone else there is now a much more cost effective and user friendly option called WordPress CMS.

The very first thing you must decide (after what you want to blog about of course) is which bloging platform you wish to use. Without a doubt the most popular platform available today is WordPress.

Here is what you need  to Start a Blog in Five Steps:
  1. Choosing a blogging platform, domain name, and hosting option.
  2. Design your blog using a simple theme.
  3. Modify your blog to get your desired look and feel.
  4. Select the best plugins for your blog.
  5. Write compelling content that adds value to readers.

This 5 steps if done properly and perfected will surely get you on your way to success as you learn on your website or blog journey and keep climbing he ladder to success and perfection. This all is best supported and done  by one of the most popular Website CMS software called wordpress.

The  organisation itself recommends bluehost as one of its preferred wordpress website hosting partners. One of the reasons this platform is so popular is the fact that it allows complete novices to set-up, build and customise entire blogs (or professional websites for that matter) with the click of a few buttons.

Below featured is the 4 day only  $2.95 a month cheapest ever offer for wordpress hosting from bluehost. If this offer expires our discount link below will be updated to the next best offer.


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Deal just updated – Its not often that you get such a good hosting offer from bluehost at  60 % off. The price – Its an  amazing $2.95 a month for 36 months just for YOU Grab it here via my link (60% off -$2.95) while it lasts. Bluehost  was kind enough  to send me this special deal  for my readers, due to being an ongoing customer and affiliate partner. If your looking to start a new blog or looking to get a spare hosting account ,this is just what you needed.

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The benefits and advantages of using WordPress as for a business site are quite simply MANY. Not only will a WordPress business site allow you to make all of your own site modifications without the need to pay for a designer but it also has huge advantages with SEO and support. You can also add many optional or additional functions to your website yourself  by just adding a plugin in a minute or two.



When you say you are starting a blog, why are you doing it?

  1. For Money?
  2. For Fame?
  3. Passionate about writing?
  4. Want to share your experiences about your expertise in a specific field of your interest?

If you’re new to blogging or on a very tight budget, you’re better off starting with a free blog with one of the providers below. Gain some experience writing regularly and promoting your blog before you decide to go for the paid option.

If you’re semi-professional or serious about earning money from your blog , or the blog is for a business/ club/group that wants extra features and has a bit of money to put towards it, a paid wordpress blog might be right for you.

Free blogging sites


Some more deals:


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Stay tuned for more helpful blogging tips. Stay safe /jeff



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