Top 10 SEO Tips For Your Business in 2017


seo quick tips for business

Every single business, large and small, is now aware of the need to have a well-maintained and efficient website. The best websites drive traffic towards your business, which means they need to be easy to find, as well as persuasive and informative for your customers. One of the best ways to achieve all of these goals and be confident that your website is performing at maximum capacity for your business is by following these 10 SEO tips from industry experts.

1. Focus On Popular Keywords

This means researching the terms that are actually being searched for, not just deciding which words suit your site and focusing on them.

2. Use Keywords Effectively

A few years ago, stuffing content full of keywords was enough to fuel SEO. However, this is no longer the case, and it’s now prudent to monitor how much of your content is made up of keywords, as 1-3% is currently seen as the perfect balance. It’s easy to make sure you’re meeting this criteria with Keyword Density Checker.

3. Gain Legitimate Backlinks

Backlinks from spammy websites are a big no-no for SEO, however carefully cultivated backlinks from legitimate websites can be a huge boost for your rankings.

4. Keep an Eye on Your Competitor

In today’s market, your competitors are multiple and international – keep an eye on what works well for them, and also learn from their mistakes. Ah Refs is a great tool to keep on top of this kind of data.

5. Work On Becoming Authoritative

If you want to stand out, you need to show you are an expert in your field. This means focusing on quality content, that’s original and really offers something to your customers. Guest blogging is a great way to show you’re respected in your field. If you’re not sure how to present yourself this way, there’s plenty of advice from professionals in the forums at Paper Fellows.

6. Learn About SEO

Many businesses want to fuel SEO without really understanding how it works, which is essential if you want to stay ahead of your competitors. Spend some time on Yoast to really get a good idea of the subject.

7. Use Online Editing Resources

Successful entrepreneurs have an amazing set of skills, however creative writing isn’t necessarily one of them. For this reason, many businesses are opting to make the most of online editing tools to improve SEO such as Essay Roo or Australian Help. These sites, as well as Big Assignments are a great platform to find a qualified editor or SEO expert who can optimize your content for the web.

8. Size Matters

Search Engines have acknowledged that the length of the content plays a part in SEO. Over 1000 words is better for SEO, while social media studies show that 1500 words is ideal for audience engagement. It’s easy to monitor this with Easy Word Count tool.

9. Focus On Your Title and Meta Descriptions

When your page appears in the search results, you need to make sure it stands out from the rest and is most appealing to your readers. The more people click on your page, the more traffic and conversion leads you get, and the more your rankings improve.

10. Be Mobile Friendly

As millions of people access the internet over mobile devices every day, you lose a lot of business if your site isn’t mobile friendly. First, the bounce back rate from your site increases, which is bad for SEO, and crawlers assess this feature anyway, which is also bad for SEO. It’s extremely important to make sure your site is mobile friendly.

Overall, SEO is becoming a lot easier to integrate with a high quality website, and following these tips can help you really make the most of your website.



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