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Gillard crew Puts media speculation to end


The time line of events leading  from media speculation  created by the media of a split in the labour party  to the proposed caucus vote to choose a new leader and Kevin Rudd refusing to challenge Julia Gillard in a leadership if given below.

"The leadership has been settled in the most conclusive fashion possible," Ms Gillard told a press conference.

leadership battle for media reforms

Major Media Corporations threatened by the new media laws reforms have been publishing on  News channels, Print and Online websites of a  split brewing in the labor party, which is likened to a destabilising of the running government

Time line of events

1. Government announces Media law reforms

1. Medial TV channels repeatedly announce/speculate  of a split brewing in  the labor party

2. Coverage backed up  and escalated by radio news, Online websites and Local tv channels leading to a proposed caucus vote  in labor party.

3. Julia gillard  calls for caucus vote  to put a end to  a challenge if any raised or intended to be raised and puts a end to speculation with no challenge to the leadership .

4. Media agencies report that this is not the end of the issue, even though Kevin Rudd Announces that he will no challenge and support the current leadership into the coming elections

While the political instability has been terminated by the caucus vote outcome  , this whole event has damaged the Image of the labour party even if it was brought upon by external agencies and speculation on the part of the media

Questions raised by the political drama

  • Was this motivated by media agencies or corporations  who did not like the current government reforms ?
  • Was this done to destabilize the current government ?
  • Was there bigger powerbrokers orchestrating he whole drama behind the scenes?


Now what remains to be seen is if Labor party can come through and repeat a win like in the last elections, when Kevin Rudd was elected :0



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