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Crime linked to Asylum seekers by Liberal Party ad


"Under Labor, crime is out of control in western Sydney," the ad states.
"If Labor can’t even control our borders, then how can they control street crime in our suburbs?"….Liberal ad links asylum seekers to street crime – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

racism in australia or politics

The banner was posted on the Liberal Party of Australia’s Facebook page yesterday and was ‘liked’ by more than 680 people.


What this liberal ad did ?

  • "Putting boat people and crime in the same sentenceā€
  • Accompanying the text is an image of a boat at sea and a picture of police crime scene tape

The majority of the more than 430 comments on face book were critical of the ad, but others showed support or sought to explain the ad’s meaning.

While on other forums  questionable comments have been made that  will offend many people

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