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Corrupt PNG politicians steal Australian Aid money


Australians people are generous in nature when it comes to charity and donating for charity  and to poor countries , including the Australian government that  helps and supports developing countries.

A recent scandal has shocked many Australians, who believe the government  is supporting our neighbours PNG when infact  large sums of aid money is being  swallowed by corrupt  PNG officials , businessmen and corrupt politicians

ausaid png scandal with corruption

Dirty money and corrupt PNG officials

Media agencies  and TV channels have put  a spin on the scandal highlighting banks who have the said  money transferred too  in Australia  as being involved , when in fact  it is the corrupt politicians who have let down the poor people of papa new guinea who actually deserve this AID

Australian foreign aid is being lost to corruption, with an estimated $1.7 billion being stolen from Papua New Guinea’s (PNG) budget annually.

The stolen aid money is said to come back in Australia  via the banks and also the corrupt people investing in property and assets in australia.


As per yahoo.com.au

Professor Sharman along with Sam Koim, head of PNG’s Anti-Corruption Task Force, are on a mission to lift the lid on billions of dollars of dirty money leaving PNG to be laundered in Australia.

"Corrupt politicians, and senior officials are buying houses and gambling. Obviously they need bank accounts to do so, and setting their families up here (in Australia) as well," Professor Sharman said.

Mr Koim and his task force informed Australia’s money laundering agency Astrac, the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and the Attorney General’s department in August last year that Paul Paraka – a lawyer who allegedly sent $2.5 million dollars to his family – was a person of interest in their investigation into corruption.

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