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Can you win the lotto 7 times


American resident "Richard Lustwig" has beaten  the odds not one but seven times by winning the lotto.

the big lottery winner story on how to pcik numbers

Australian lotteries are subject to many regulations, which generally vary by state. The minimum age to purchase lottery products is 18. Monday & Wednesday Lotto is a lotto game played in all states and territories except Queensland. In Australia the odds for winning a division 1 , 6 winning numbers + the Powerball  for 1 game is 76,767,600:1 and this can vary with the jackpot amount

Richard has been playing the lotto or lottery for 25 years now, one of the tips he gives  is not to buy "quick picks" which in Australia is "slik picks" and suggests that punters should  start picking their numbers  as his theory is  that the odds are stacked in your favour  as you are constantly playing the same number. He says slick picks always generate random new numbers  and so  your odds  of winning will always be high  with slick picks or quick picks.

In America they have two types of lotto which are popular  which are called “scratch offs” and “quick picks” which is similar to the “slikpicks” and “scratchies” in Australia

Another tip he gives is to  not to randomly pick different  types of scratchies when you head to the shops , but pick multiple scratchies all in the same bundle and game to have a better chance of winning.

Richard Lustwig’s biggest lotto win was  his fifth win with a nice $842,000 winning. He won his first lotto in  1992 with a $10,000 payout.

Richard has not disclosed how much he has lost on trying to win lotto, however he does  recommend that people should try lotto only with money that they can afford to lose and always have priority for food and bills before the lotto. In the USA many states have different laws in relation to revealing lotto winners and not all states have the option to keep secret “the winners of the  big lotto wins”.
He has released the book "Learn how to increase your chances of winning lottery”   which is available on amazon.

He now owns a Jaguar and a Harley Davidson motorcycle with his winnings  and also bought a BMW for his son. Richard Lustig believes there’s more to winning the lottery than luck and says his seven wins prove that there is a method to the madness.

In  Australia as well there has been winners who have won multiple times  and also systems and software available to  pick winning numbers .click here to check it out



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