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Man charged for stopping thief’s break into his house


Glenn Gregory, 53, is fighting two charges of unlawful wounding in the Carnarvon District Court over the late night bungled home break-in on February 28 last year by Juveniles.

The gang of seven juvenile children , aged 12 to 15, targeted Mr Gregory’s home because he was then the local ice-cream man and they wanted to steal lollies, drinks and other items apparently.


Mr . Gregory’s  Story

Mr Gregory’s  said he was woken up by  the noise of someone ripping the flywire off his bedroom window. He told officers  that when he went outside to investigate in pitch-black conditions and saw several figures , he chased the figures around the side of his house.

He said he saw some of them crash into a pole and outdoor furniture and trip over a concrete step in their hasty escape attempt.

The alleged victims claims Mr Gregory hit them with an iron bar or pole-like object. The ringleader of the group, who is now 16 and a sentenced prisoner with more than a dozen burglary convictions, yesterday testified via video link. The teen said he and another cousin had broken into Mr Gregory’s shed to steal food and drinks from his ice-cream van earlier that night. He said the bigger group later returned and admitted he wanted to break into the house to steal further items.

Police found a metal pole jammed under Mr Gregory’s garage, which the 16-year-old juvenile admitted was used to try to wedge the door open during the burglary. The pole was ruled out as a possible weapon because Mr Gregory’s DNA was not on it.

Members  of the public has raised mixed comments on different forums  if Mr gregory  went to far in trying to stop the burglars or then was it just a case of well deserved justice for the juveniles?



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