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Olympian stuff ups – news update


In a  temporary setback  to the Olympics , all the locks to the London’s Wembley stadium’s internal locks have been changed, costing tens of thousands of dollars.

Drama at the Olympics

Officials announced a set of keys that could once open London’s Wembley Stadium was lost with the  search for the lost keys by Scotland yard proving unfruitful. The Police said there isn’t a security concern. and the stadium  will host the soccer finals for the Olympics.

olympics 2012 drama stuff ups

In other Olympic news


The Twitter insult against British diver Tom Daley has attracted the attention of police. In Britain, tweeting messages considered menacing, offensive or indecent can lead to prosecution.


Australian boxer “Damien Hooper” warned not to wear the traditional  Aboriginal flag on his t-shirt

He said that he did it for his people and his heritage, but officials have warned the Olympic  Australian boxer Damien Hooper not to repeat his entry to the Olympic ring with the Aboriginal flag emblazoned across his chest.

Head scarf for Muslim women in Olympics

In separate Olympic news  while Australia is banning its indigenous athletes from wearing their flag Sarah Attar, Saudi Arabia’s other female Olympic athlete, is expected wear a head scarf when she competes in distance running and so is a taekwondo candidate from the  middle east



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