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Woolworths Vs Coles in new advertising war


Woolworths have stepped up the advertising ware to get new customers with a new catchy and cute advertisement featuring  a nice oldies song depicting the fresh food people of Woolworth to rival the chef ads from Coles  doing the rounds.

Australia’s retailers are spending  up big to get the attention of the consumers with catchy new ads  as coles have increased their take from the retail grocery market in recent years.

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Woolworths new catchy Advertisement steps up the retail advertising war ( free Song)

Download Free  the woolworths song.. Monday .. Tuesday (6.5mb)

Melbourne singer Gossling, who had a hit with guest vocals on 360’s Boys Like You, has recorded the soundtrack to the major new Woolworths campaign.


A presentation featuring ‘The Voice’s Emma Louise Birdsall performing the new Woolworths song A special presentation featuring ‘The Voice’s Emma Louise Birdsall performing the new Woolworths song

Listen to Emma Louise Birdsall’s performance here.

Here is the original song

The Woolworths  song `Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday – I Love You’ was originally recorded in the late 1940’s by the Big Band vocalist Kitty Kallen with Lawrence Welk and his Champagne Orchestra.

Woolworths slogan has been updated from “the fresh food people” to “Australia’s fresh food people”.

The price fight Coles started last year when it cut the price of its house-brand milk by 33 per cent quickly became an all-out competition between the supermarket giants bringing the consumersbetter prices for many products , but sparking uproar in their grocery suppliers.

Coles has launched an aggressive advertising campaign in the past six months, and is reported to be outspending Woolworths by two to one by also including celebrity chef Curtis stone in their Advertisements

Coles new Single and advertisement – Down Down prices are down

Cole’s has hit back with a a new full length advertisement video by  Status Quo. Watch video here   http://downdown.coles.com.au/video/ .  Down Down, Prices are Down is sung by  Status Quo in thier extended tv commercial. thier previous advertisement also featured 64-year-old Vietnam vet, Rowe singing a reworked version of his 1965 hit, a cover of Shakin’ All Over. Coles even got thier new music store @ https://www.colesmusic.com.au/

A Coles spokesman said it was not surprised Woolworths has tried to emulate its success. “They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so let’s just say that with some competitors’ recent activity, we are feeling very flattered,” senior manager consumer PR, Jon Church, said.



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