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10 Ways for E-commerce businesses to Improve their Landing Pages


It is highly important to create a perfect landing page as it has the potential of making the biggest pleasant difference. After all, a highly sophisticated landing page has the potential of bagging immense business like never before.

10 Traits of effective landing pages

Following are the 10 Traits of effective landing pages


  1. Simplicity

In order to attract customers, people “over do” their landing pages as they forget that the best way is to make the pages as simple and clean as it is possible. Links should only be kept wherever necessary and pop ups should be avoided to the core. Content equally need to be easy so that it is understood by every one. In this way, a visitor can realize the things which are being offered along with the ways to get them as well

  1. Provide fast search feature

Many businesses fail owing to the fact that in spite of giving all the details about the product they are not able to provide strong, reliable and fast search feature. It is necessary since customers want to search and check other products as well.

  1. Trustworthiness

Scams are every where, hence you need to go overboard in order to make every body realize that your company is trust worthy. Testimonials are one such way to build trust followed by getting security certificates along with badges from companies like Better Business Bureau and Verisign work wonders too.

  1. Clear and concise Goal

A person should have a vision for his landing page as each and every single page should motivate readers towards accomplishing their goals. A visitor should not be in any sort of doubt or else they will move on some where else leaving you remorseful.

  1. Be creative

Language such as “Place your order” and “Buy now” are extremely effective. Hence, it is important to be creative and innovative to bag business manifolds.

  1. Necessary Content above the Fold

As visitors arrive on landing page, they need to get complete information quickly. They should not have to scroll down or search here and there. They expect immediate information without any delay.

  1. Ongoing Testing

The landing page should be sophisticatedly tested. Every thing from color, size or font should be done in the best way.

  1. Attractive action buttons

No matter whatever colors you select for headlines and text, action buttons need to look different. For example, if your text is in black, let them be in green, maroon or bright orange.

  1. Social proofs

This is an age of social media hence placing a running tweet window will certainly do wonders. It is also advisable to use widget as well in order to invite continuous Facebook likes too.

  1. Enhance user experience

It is important to examine your transactional processes in order to give enriching and everlasting time for customers who happen to visit. If you come across any sort of issues about problems in processing payment or slowdown in information, then try to fix it without any delay.

Finally, aforesaid are the 10 Traits of effective landing pages. These traits will surely make a pleasant difference in your life.



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