What is the Role of Digital Marketing, especially in SEO?


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In the modern world, we are connected to information, products, and services anywhere, anytime. The internet, social media, and the widespread use of mobile devices play a key part in this. It’s also easier than ever for customers to give feedback.

Here are some of our top reasons why SEO, thanks to these changing technologies, has become so important…

1. Audience

According to SEO Shark, the SEO Sydney agency, it’s so much easier to reach a target audience and connect with them. Websites, emails, and social media make it possible to send content viral and reach people incredibly quickly.

2. Feedback and interaction

We’re no longer in an era of read-only content. There are more functions than ever that allow people to respond to the stuff they see – such as reviews, social media shares, blogs and vlogs about products and services.

Seeing others saying something about your brand, particularly in a positive light, increases our sense of how trustworthy and credible it is.

The interaction is a two-way street. Businesses can encourage the audience to get sharing and get talking by offering an incentive. Ask them to rate your service.

3. Cost

SEO in Digital marketing appears to be considerably more cost efficient than traditional marketing.

Traditional forms, whether it’s radio, print, or television, can really add up expenses. Although digital marketing does involve some costs such as paid online ads, it’s still cheaper overall.

If we take traditional marketing for example, to reach 2000 people you may need to exhaust the means of mail, tv/radio, and newspaper/magazines. These can all be worth hundreds of dollars each.

SEO on the other hand, may spend an estimate of $50 on paid search engine ads, and $70 for paid social network ads.

4. A capitol of genuine interest

While there are some paid online marketing measures, there is a large focus in SEO and other digital marketing forms on organic traffic. That is, having people arrive at the site naturally, through their own genuine curiosity.

This often achieved by publishing genuinely interesting and educational content. It’s now a fact that the mere sales pitch is quite unfulfilling to viewers, and in order to build rapport with prospective customers, a brand must first develop content that has…

(1) Good readability on any device – optimization must cover desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

(2) Quality, informational content that answers questions that users are querying on search engines.

6. Easy to research and monitor

With online features like Google Analytics, and activity tracking tools on social media, it’s also easier than ever to do your market research. Not only does it make data collection a hell of a lot easier, but you can follow traffic in real-time and not waste weeks to see how responsive views and purchases are to changes you make.

7. Appealing to mobile consumption

As mentioned above, good content and relations with consumers entails realising that most of us access the internet on a mobile device. There’s no denying that use of smartphone and the like are exponentially growing.

They’re already such a huge part of our lives, as we search for information, products and services on the go – and it would downright suck if the page doesn’t load or the dimensions make it impossible to read. These technical aspects are highly important to everyone – viewers, search engines and marketing agencies alike.

No doubt that marketing is one of the most important parts of any business. Building awareness, credibility and like-ability for your brand is half the battle, if not more. It’s wonderful that the technologies of the modern world are making this easier than ever before.



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