Tips to Grow Your Kitchen and Bathroom Design Business


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Starting a kitchen and bathroom design business is no rocket science as there are so many who have made out there. If you are an enthusiast for interior design, it is never too late to start and become a huge brand. Here are tips on how to grow your business as a kitchen and bathroom designer.

Focus on Marketing

You might have all the right skills to deliver impeccable designs and remodelling, but you have no one to deliver to. A lot of craft persons rely on referrals to reach as many people as possible, but this does not always work since not everybody likes you and will put good work out there for you.

On the contrary, recommendations are not harmful at all but will not get you where you want to go. Start by coming up with a brand name and a simple, attractive logo that represents you. Punch in a slogan cannot hurt too. With these in place, start small according to your financial ability.

You can start with social media pages, podcasts, and blogs and grow to more prominent marketing platforms as you gain more customers and make more money. While still at marketing, move with the trend and consider setting up a website where clients can quickly look through your services and products, including making orders and giving feedback for the services received.

Increase Your Staff

As you look to grow in terms of impact in the market and amount of returns you make, consider starting the growth from the inside.

Marketing might work incredibly well for you depending on how good your strategy is but if you do not have an adequate workforce to deliver to the many clients that you got yourself, they will leave and look for a designer who delivers.

Become selfless for the greater good by spending more of the profit to add a few more skilled employees with the potential to grow too in your payroll to increase productivity and improve on service delivery. Eventually, this investment that seems to be dragging your income at the moment will pay off.

Find a Reliable Supplier

Like all other businesses, you will need people to supply to you certain products that you need to make every design you come up with a masterpiece. As part of starting the business, you will need a list of the basic things required to deliver to clients, and with these, you can start looking for the right people to do kitchen and bathroom supplies for you in Australia.

Go for someone whose competency is at the same level as yours or even higher to avoid last minute rush or delays in delivering to clients’ expectation. The ideal choice here is Argent which is a renowned brand throughout Australia and globally for stocking top-tier products at significantly reduced prices.

Make Quality a Priority

The growing might seem easy, but maintaining the trend is not guaranteed, primarily if you are known to play around with the quality of service you deliver. Everybody wants value for their money, and that is why you need not compromise with the quality of service you deliver to clients to keep them satisfied and recommend your services to others.

Connect with Colleagues

As they say, no man is an island, and when starting a kitchen and bathroom design business, you need to learn from others. It is crucial to add on some creativity in your interactions as well and give much thought into hanging out with other designers in the business.

Best way to do this is to attend exhibitions and visit any kitchen and bath showroom in town where your peers are and wear your ‘people’s person’ hat. You will be stunned by how much extra you get to learn by interacting with your competitors and confrères.

Offer other Services

Do not stick to doing new bathroom and kitchen design for clients but consider adding extra services that will allow you to reach out to more clients and get to grow your business.

Remodelling, consultation, and maintenance are some of the additional services you can bring in rather than only working with clients doing completely new projects.

With the right skill set, planning, and the spirit to learn from others and a handy guide like this, there is no reason why you should not grow to a prominent brand recognized and respected globally.



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