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Mobile Bill Shock to be mended by New Government laws


The Australian Communications and Media Authority has been granted new Special powers by the Australian government to tackle mobile phone and internet providers on issues including bill-shock and confusing advertising.

no billshock for her

Communications Minister Stephen Conroy said he was giving ACMA the ability to create service-provider rules

The communications regulator hopes this new consumer protection code will help reduce complaints about misleading mobile phone plans and "bill shock".

What this bill does ?

Ensures Telcos include more information on their advertisements, including the cost of a two-minute call and an SMS.

Mobile users will be given notifications about their spending when they reach 50 per cent of their limit and 85 per cent and 100 per cent of their limit,

Ban on misleading terms such as "cap" and "unlimited"
IT makes mobile plans easier to compare, reduce what is known as bill shock or unexpectedly high bills

forum on whirlpool truly  reflects the current Billshock that  aussie punters face with current telcos , with one whirlpool enthusiast waskilywabit saying

In short, i would just like to be able to read my bill and clearly understand:
1. what i have used
2. what each item cost me
3. where my cap stopped and extra charges started
4. having to pay one month in advance upon sign up, yet not being re-imbursed upon cancelation of contract.

ACMA not call use

A study Conducted by Roy Morgan Research with  2,400 consumers who were interviewed about their personal telecommunications services- found

47% indicated bill shock – an unexpectedly high bill – as one of the main reasons

16% nominated financial difficulties – such as poor budgeting and low income – as one of the main reasons and

14% nominated an unexpected event as one of the main reasons.

The inquiry on bill shock was sparked by a continued surge in complaints to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO), which reached 210,000 last year

AUDIO: Listen to the story (The World Today)


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