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Hungary Citizens can now claim social benefit with new social security agreement with Australia


A new social security agreement  by  Australia and Hungary  will come into force from 1st October  2012 , which was signed  by Kevin Rudd and the Hungarian  Foreign Minister (Dr János Martonyi) on 7th June 2011  in Budapest.

Australia has a number of formal social security agreements with a variety of countries. These agreements may help you continue to get social security entitlements when you move between agreement countries.

International Social Security Agreements australia

What this Social Security Agreement Between Hungary and Australia  means ?

Like Social Security agreements with many other countries like UK  and Australia , this agreement with Hungary  will enable persons who lived in both countries to be able to claim a pension or benefit .

You can access the full document  of the agreement over here at FAHCSIA

Minister for Community Services, Jenny Macklin, said the agreement gives people greater freedom to move between Australia and Hungary, knowing that their pension rights will be recognised and protected.

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What is a social security agreement

A social security agreement co-ordinates the pension programs of two countries for people who have lived or worked in both countries. Social security agreements help people receive the benefits to which they are entitled.

Australia has 27 international social security agreements. In some instances you may be able to receive pensions from both countries, with each agreement country paying a part pension to you (if you have lived in both countries).

10 Australian Social Security Agreements


This part contains information on each of Australia’s social security agreements.

In this part

This part currently contains the following chapters:

10.1 General Principles of Agreements

10.2 Agreement with New Zealand 2002

10.3 Agreement with the United Kingdom

10.4 Agreement with Italy

10.5 Agreement with Canada

10.6 Agreement with Spain

10.7 Agreement with Malta

10.8 Agreement with the Netherlands

10.9 Agreement with Ireland

10.10 Agreement with Portugal

10.11 Agreement with Austria

10.12 Agreement with Cyprus

10.13 Agreement with Denmark

10.14 Agreement with Germany

10.15 Agreement with the United States of America

10.16 Agreement with Chile

10.17 Agreement with Croatia

10.18 Agreement with Slovenia

10.19 Agreement with Belgium

10.20 Agreement with Norway

10.21 Agreement with Switzerland

10.22 Agreement with Korea

10.23 Agreement with Greece

10.24 Agreement with Japan

10.25 Agreement with Finland

10.26 Agreement with Poland

10.27 Agreement with the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

10.28 Agreement with the Czech Republic

10.29 Agreement with the Slovak Republic

10.30 Agreement with Hungary

10.100 Glossary for Australian Social Security Agreements


Last reviewed: 7 June 2010

You can also find some more information the Australian human services website



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