Cable TV wars sparked by Fetch TV


There is no denying there is a major upheaval coming through in the “cable channel Tv”  or “pay tv market” in Australia. The launch  of the new FETCH TV service  by  major ISP IINET  in Australia and also supported by other ISP’s like Internode  and ADAM internet has sent leading player “FOXTEL” the jitters. Foxtel has already  reacted by acknowledging this threat and  launching new offers  to  attract more customers , but is this going to be good enough for the market leader.

Foxtel has launched a $6* a week for 6 months on the Get Started Package, they also give you FREE* installation on a flexible 12 month plan. (check website for offers)

Will Fetch TV  grab Foxtel market share ?

FETCH tv has launched  with affordable packages starting as low as $14.95 for its Fetch  TV1 package. Fetch TV packages also features premium channels  that foxtel offers on its add –on packages.  For those consumers  who though $45  a month was a  rip off  to pay for just for a basic package , fetch TV will come as a nice surprise , as they  can  take just a $19.95  basic package  if they choose too. FETCH TV ALSO  offers  asian packages “ A bollywood package” ( Indian channel package) and a Chinese channel package  which will be very welcome  by many  new migrants as well as many australian Chinese and Indians  wanting to get to know their culture.

Fetch TV is a IPTV service. “The term ‘IPTV’ has been used by the ISP industry to loosely describe TV content delivered to laptops, but it lacks the functionality of true IPTV.” The new functionality of ‘true’ IPTV means consumers can watch streamed broadcasts on their television sets through a set top box, and will eventually have access to interactive services. iiNet will supply unmetered free-to-air and subscription TV to its customers through the broadband or phone line.

Fetch tv offer

Foxtel offer

Can i get FETCH TV ?

Fetchtv is currently only available in selected areas. You’ll need a compatible modem and an iiNet broadband or Naked DSL account that’s connected to a fetchtv-enabled exchange.

Some of the PAY TV players already in the Australian market








( – SelecTV now only provides Australia’s Greek PayTV.

5. Vision ASIA

( Indian PAY TV Service with Bollywood content

6. TVB

( – Chinese PAY TV channels

Fetch tv has made their deal even sweeter with giving 30 on demand movies included at any time in addition to having the facility  of also pay per view rentals. Fetch TV Set top box ( DVR )  incorporates three digital tuners to receive all the current free to air TV channels as well. But where it stands apart from all the other offerings on the market is the fact that it also offers subscription content served over the interwebs.

click here to see the internet service providers dishing out FETCH TV

Press release from iinet for its FETCH TV service – > Press release Fetch TV

Cable TV wars sparked by Fetch TV  


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    fetch tv rocks ..good some competition has come in ..its about time
    getting ripped off for so long know what i mean

  2. […] to their internet service, IPTV .  which can turnout to be a big earner for the company ( Cable TV wars sparked by Fetch TV ) due  to its potential of grabbing customers from the market player […]


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