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When Courier Parcel is appropriate for business


Use a Courier Service to Show You Care About Their Business

Customer loyalty is tough to achieve and in a world of commerce where finding a competitive edge is so vital to successfully growing your business, a reliable courier could be what you are looking for.

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Meeting deadlines

To deliver on your promises you need to deliver your goods on time and meet any pre-arranged deadlines. We all know that when we have ordered an item that we need as quickly as possible; there is nothing worse than it not turning up on time.

This has the effect of not only providing immediate disappointment in the company that you have chosen to deliver on time but also presents a potential logistical nightmare caused by the delay.

On the other hand, if the company you placed an urgent order with promises to get the item delivered by noon the following day and it turns up in plenty of time, you are going to be impressed with their service and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Delivering on your promises

Using a courier to deliver items on your behalf presents an opportunity to gain a competitive edge over rival companies who may offer a similar product but cannot provide the same efficient level of delivery service.

Being able to deliver on your promises will mean that your company can grow organically with existing customers happy to rely on you to deliver on time and also allow you to seek new customers with the confidence that you can meet their expectations.

Less mailroom headaches

Another aspect of running a business that many consider as a menial task is managing the flow of mail and far too often, other seemingly more important aspects of the daily business routine such as driving sales and communicating with customers, take priority over the efficiency of the mailroom.

Not many people in the company will willingly volunteer to queue up at the local post centre and arrange to send all the parcels and post that have accumulated throughout the day.

Save time and money

Quite often you could save your business time and money by using a courier service to deliver your parcels and time critical mail. The average amount of staff hours spent managing mail for a small business is about 1.5 hours a day, so when you compare the cost of those wages against the cost of a simple pick-up service from a courier that could be as little as $5.50 per day, you can see that savings can be made on cost and also staff efficiency.

Broadening your horizons

Another positive aspect of developing a relationship with a good reliable courier company is not only can you grow your business with a greater degree of confidence that you can deliver on your promises but you can also look to widen your geographical sales area by using the delivery network that a good courier will be able to offer, meaning you can attract new customers and still offer the same speed of delivery service.

The purpose of a good courier is to provide you with a good service which in turn enables you to do the same. It also has the potential to become an integral part of your business, keeping delivery costs under control and perhaps most importantly, allowing you to show your customers that you care about them by delivering on time.

Richard Mills is a business logistics consultant. He enjoys sharing his ideas through blogging. Find out more about couriers and services near you.



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