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Low doc loans solutions for self employed business people


Are you a self-employed professional? Do you find availing loans for your business or personal needs difficult? Did you face unending hassles the last time you applied for loan from the bank?

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Self employed low doc loans

If the answers for all the questions are in positive then it means you are facing some serious hardships in availing loans, which be quiet disappointing for the future plans you’ve made.

However, the long wait is finally over.

No longer would you be facing trouble standing in the long queue and waiting your turn only to find that the application for loan approval has been rejected.

The answer is in the form of a path-breaking financial products—– “low doc loans” or “low documentation loans.”

How do they help?

Low doc loans are specially designed for the people who are self employed and who face difficulty in furnishing up to date documents related to the income source and various other financial details. There are situations where the produced documents don’t actually reflect the source of consistent income. Hence the application for loan, receives rejection wherever applied.

Regular loans lenders find it very unsafe to offer loans to people categorized under self-income groups due to the instability of their business in comparison to regular income holders.Therefore, lending funds to such individuals is termed as a huge risk and banks generally refrain from lending it to them.

These loans could very easily add on to the list of Non Performing Assets (NPA’s) for these banks.

Other advantages of low doc loans:

· The number of financial documents required to avail the low doc loan is fewer than otherwise. It solves the major problem for the loan aspirants categorized under self-employed groups.

· Low doc home loans in Australia is available up to 90% of the market value of the property. This means that the applicant receives higher amount of the funds than from regular sources.

· The options under this category are innumerable and the aspirant can easily decide on the best possible choice as per the needs.

· Low doc loans offer redraw repayment facility. This is one of the main features of the loans that impart unique credibility and attractiveness to them. This feature is present in much selected regular loan schemes.

· In addition, the applicant receives the option of flexible repayment and unlimited extra repayment without any early exit. This adds a unique cover of security to low doc loans. In short, they have all the necessary features that make them more preferred.

Therefore, even in conclusion, we can state that low doc loans or low documentation loans are the best option for self employed people. However, they should make it a point to enquire about the stamp fee and miscellaneous expenses along with the total repayment amount before applying for these loans.

These loans are easily available at all the banking institutions where they can be easily accessed. It is always better to evaluate your borrowing potential before thinking of applying for low doc loans. Red Rock Mortgage Group is an independent mortgage finance company specializing in property finance solutions.



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