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Data Centre Investment in Australia picks up


With Australia becoming a significant hub  requiring IT services, the demand for  Local based Data Centres have increased.

Many local Businesses and government are more comfortable in  a local provider  who is under the Australian government laws,  handling their data traffic  and internet  services  rather  than a company  that is somewhere in the US,  with the data being able to be investigated  by the US authorities at their will.

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Multi-million data centre to open in Sydney

Cloud hosting provider Rackspace is opening a multimillion-dollar data centre in Erskine Park in Sydney’s west. The company is said to fulfil existing high demand for onshore cloud computing services.

Demand is high for cloud computing and data centres from small businesses to corporate and financial institutions and government agencies.
US-based Rackspace has had a sales and technical support operation in Australia for 3½ years.

Rackspaces top clients

Lonely Planet

Pacific Brands

Tourism Queensland





With the expansion of this data centre there will be some more jobs with the company expanding to a total of 50 employees within three years. Most big companies like Google and other Big US providers are subject to the US Patriot Act, whereby the US  government can access your stored records if they think it necessary, while any company operating under Australian soil will still have to disclose any information in compliance with  Australian law.

Amazon Web Services, the cloud computing arm of Amazon.com, recently announced an Edge location in Sydney australia for some of its data and online services. HP has opened a $200 million data centre in Western Sydney, while Fujitsu has done a  multimillion dollar upgrade to its Melbourne data centre.

What is s data centre ?

Fujitsu has done a $60 million investment on its data centre to provide its 2,000 Australian enterprise and government customers with increased access to secure hosting services

The get an idea of what a data centre really is , you can check out his pdf information file ( yeh bro) by fujitsu



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