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10 Steps To Turn Your Employees Into Brand Ambassadors


According to a recent research conducted by Gallup, apparently 70% of employees within all organizations are disengaged from their brands. If this is the situation at your organization, you might want to reverse it by turning your employees into brand ambassadors. Here’s how.

employer aemployee relationship

1. Acknowledge

First of all, acknowledge your employees and the very key role they play in cascading brand information. It’s only through fully engaged employees that companies can deliver consistent brand messaging across the market. Pay your employees their due; they deserve to be acknowledged and accepted for their role.

2. Audit

Evaluate all internal communications such as newsletters, your intranet, management emails and so on. Is your brand identity and promise consistent everywhere? Are your employees getting the same message each time, or are they confused as to what your brand represents? A proper audit will put your doubts to rest and help you get the right picture.

3. Train

Train your employees on what your brand represents; let them get thoroughly familiar with your processes, logo, colors, byline, vision, motto, value proposition, brand positioning and so on. Test each employee’s knowledge by asking him or her to train a newbie. Make the training fun and creative.

4. Reinforce

Training them just once will not do; you will have to reinforce your brand messaging by issuing key brand elements printed on wallet cards, stickers and t-shirts. Keep putting your brand in front of your staff; emphasize how you do things, vis-à-vis how your competition does it.

5. Assess

Periodically, assess how well your employees have imbibed your brand promise. Retrain them and reinforce elements that have not been fully assimilated. No need to turn it into a military exercise; make it fun through contests and quizzes.

6. Role-play

Help your staff put themselves into your customer’s shoes. Help them understand the overall customer experience and how each employee can use their brand knowledge to enhance it. Let each employee understand how their job role impacts customer experience.

7. Recognize

Conduct brand contests and quizzes periodically and award winning employees. Publish the profiles of employees who consistently deliver your brand promise to customers on your intranet. Make sure your customers aware of your pride in your loyal brand ambassadors as well.

8. Feedback

Ask your employees for their input and feedback on how best to deliver your brand promise. Let them brainstorm and come up with innovative ideas. Be sure to incorporate these ideas. Let the employees feel a sense of ownership towards your brand; this will make them more inclined to promote it.

9. Empower

Empower your employees to let people know what your company is going to do next. Knowing your business plans and being free to talk about them will be a source of great pride for them. They will feel encouraged to be your brand’s ready ambassadors when you empower them this way.

10. Engage

Let your employees engage with your audience via social media and disseminate brand information. Trust them to deliver the right information. Your employees can become your most ardent brand ambassadors and brand promoters if you train, encourage and empower them properly.



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