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Wondering if private health insurance is a good investment ?


Here’s 5 reasons why Private insurance is necessary!

Spending money on private health insurance can often seem like an unwelcome and unnecessary expense, and many are tempted to rely entirely on Medicare for their healthcare needs. What you might not know is that if you choose your policy wisely, private health insurance can be an excellent investment, offering you value above and beyond the insurance premiums you pay. Here are five reasons why private health insurance is a good investment.

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Better access to quality medical care

While Medicare can cover some of your medical expenses, a private health insurance policy can ensure that you are able to get high quality medical care without having to pay in full the high prices you would be subject to if you did not have private health insurance. “Private health insurance” can enable you to seek treatment at private hospitals, consult the doctors of your choice and enjoy the shorter waiting times associated with private medical care. What you pay in insurance premiums can be regained manifold when you make a claim that enables you to afford great medical care.

Prompt medical attention

Relying on the public health system often means being forced to wait in long queues before you can get the medical attention you need. When it comes to sudden or serious medical conditions, having prompt access to medical care can make all the difference. Private health insurance ensures you can obtain medical care when you need it most urgently without having to wait in long queues at public hospitals. This alone makes private health insurance a valuable investment and one that can prove to be a lifesaver.

Broader coverage

While Medicare attempts to provide very general coverage for basic medical care, many people still get private health insurance because it enables you to obtain coverage for a broader range of treatments and conditions that Medicare cannot provide for. Private health insurance can help to ensure that in addition to what Medicare offers, you have sufficient coverage for a range of treatment options and medical services.

Tax advantages

To make it even more evident that your purchase of a private health insurance policy is a sound financial choice, the government offers tax advantages you might be able to benefit from. Check with your insurer to see if you are eligible for private health insurance offset or rebates that can make private health insurance even more affordable and an even more cost-effective investment.

Psychological benefits

A cost-benefit analysis of “getting private health insurance” often neglects to consider the psychological benefits that are present despite not being easily quantifiable. The peace of mind you and your family get from knowing that you will be provided for if you fall ill or get injured is priceless.

Despite the existence of Medicare, private health insurance is viewed by many as a necessity, and for good reason. Private health insurance not only ensures you have easy access to prompt medical attention for a broad range of conditions and treatment options but can also be a very cost-effective investment in the long run.



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