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If you have come into contact with IOR Petroleum, then you know that it is not an exaggeration when the business is named as the best in the oil and gas industry in Australia. The family-owned business has proven its dedication to the community making sure that their customers are able to refill their gas from most parts of the country as they journey forward.

History and Ownership of IOR Petroleum

The business is a partnership between Stewart Morland and Ross Mackenzie whose passion for customer service and industrial innovation has led them to be the best in fuel transport services. In 1984, they came together to construct the Eromanga Oil Refinery in Eromanga, Queensland. Later on, they expanded it to the now known business which is a 24-hour diesel stop, with over 70 diesel stops currently across Australia.

Their Customer and Community Focus

A good business is one that can relate with its customers, and IOR does it quite well. The locals run Their diesel stops in the towns which the diesel stops are located. This helps the people around feel a sense of belonging when relating to the business. The depots serve customers with various needs such as farming, transport, mining, local councils, and oil and gas.

Some of these customers have signed as partners of the business, giving IOR the chance to offer cost friendly fuel for the advancement of the communities. Because of their knowledge and skills, they have partnered with companies in the oil and gas industry, helping them to come up with drilling solutions that are not only convenient but also safe.

Fuel Services

The business not only offers 24-hour diesel refills in their stops; they also do fuel delivery, pumping, and fuel management. They are also relevant in aviation fuels, supplying jet A1 and high-quality Avgas fuels. IOR takes the responsibility of storing and managing such fuels to make their client’s work easier. The clients only need to order the quantity they want, and it is conveniently delivered to them.

For those who supply bulk fuels, the business is kind enough to help them find qualified drivers for fuel transport solutions. As part of the bulk transport services, there is a client’s portal where clients log in to track the movement of their order and also get all records from previous transactions.

IOR Petroleum’s Tech and Equipment

No business can keep afloat in the 21st century without embracing technology. IOR has some of the most modern equipment in the oil and gas industry, making them offer services that are over the top. Their tank monitoring systems have gauging systems allowing one to track the level of fuel in a tank without having to dip check.

Their high-dip tracking systems enable their clients to monitor how employees dispense oil to customers from anywhere in the world. IOR also has frac tanks which can be used in places where water storage is temporary.

Safety Measures

IOR is not only providing fuel transport services but also pays keen attention to safety in line with the business, the community, and customers. Their fleet is upgraded continually to make sure that it is environmentally friendly, and their tracks have safety impacts.

Fuel deliveries are done by fleets that have been inspected for high levels of safety. The diesel stops and fuel depots are also continually upgraded hence improving on safety measures and customers experience.


IOR is a business that covers all its basis in perfection hence offering the best fuel transport solutions. From equipment, technology, service and customer relations, they have upgraded the oil, fuel and gas industry in Australia. Everyone associated with the name is never disappointed.

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