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A Look at the AusCERT2019 Cyber Security Conference


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AusCERT is holding its annual conference from 28 to 31 May 2019 at the Surfers Paradise Marriott in the Gold Coast. AusCEPT is a leading Cyber Emergency Response Team CEPT information security advisor for different sectors.

Different organisations in Australia join the network and benefit from the response services of the team on different issues involving cybersecurity.

Both members and non-members can attend the conference, which has various elements making up the agenda. The first two days cover tutorials while the actual conference takes place on the last two days.

More About AusCERT

The Australian CERT was established in 1993 as a non-profit that is part of the University of Queensland in the Information Technology Services. AusCERT served as the national cyber emergency response team until 2010. It is one of the first contacts that organisations have when dealing with security incidents.

AusCERT was created to help members detect, respond, mitigate and prevent cyber-related attacks. The response funds itself through registration fees from members, service contracts and the annual conference.

AusCERT is responsible for monitoring threats and vulnerabilities on a global scale. It then develops strategies for mitigation and prevention of different types of risks. The team has numerous global contacts across the world that allows it to gather accurate information on emerging cyber threats. As part of global CERT, the cyber security Australia team gets early warnings about threats for which members benefit a lot.

The response team has an incident management service that is responsible for stopping a cyber attack in progress. Members can also rely on this service to help them recover after an incident. AusCERT has a Security Bulletin Service, which is a report containing data from varying sources about different internet security issues.

AusCERT 2019

Every year, AusCERT holds a cyber security conference that has remained the longest running in Australia. About 700 participants, both individuals and organisations, attend the event. The conference is designed to offer companies and internet security experts the tools they need to enhance their response to attacks.

From in-house IT teams to white hat hackers and other internet security experts, the 2019 conference provides an opportunity for industry players to interact and discuss issues like cyber security management. Social events are also part of the program including a Gala Dinner that incorporates industry awards. Participants have the chance to visit the Gold Coast and enjoy what it has in store.

The Agenda

On the first day of tutorials, participants will undertake a malware traffic analysis workshop, open source security orchestration, malware analysis, MISP training, TLS training, digital forensics and social engineering. For the second day of tutorials, attendees will learn how to think like an analyst, the risk management of cyber security, x86 assembly fundamentals, hacking of Bluetooth low energy, practical data science, TLS training and digital forensics. On 30 and 31 May, keynote speeches will take place.

The keynote speakers at the 2019 AusCERT cyber security conference are Mike Hypponen and Troy Hunt. Hypponen is a renowned TED Speaker on matters of tech security. He is also the CRO (Chief Research Officer) of F-Secure. Hypponen is an author for various global publications including Scientific America, The New York Times and Wired. Hunt is a Microsoft Regional Director and an independent security trainer. He founded HIBP (Have I Been Pwned) a data breach monitoring and notification service. Adam Spencer, a lover of math and a comedian, will be the event’s MC. Speakers for the main program and tutorials are from different global and regional companies.

AusCERT2019, organised by GEMS Event Management, will be a congregation of organisations from across the region looking to gain more knowledge about cybersecurity and its various facets. AusCERT provides information about the registration of members and non-members for the conference.



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