Ancient Aboriginal “Iwaidja” language app to be launched for smartphones


A thousand year old aboriginal language “IWAIDJA”  app for smartphones and tablets is to be launched in may Using $100,000 of federal funding.This aborigianl language is one of about 50 known Aboriginal languages of Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory

The aboriginal  language of Iwaidja is thousands of years old but on Croker Island only about 150 people still speak it.

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About the Smartphone Iwaidja  app


The app will have 1,000 dictionary entries and almost 500 phrases and people will be able to search the word , and also hear the word on the app that is being developed.

The Iwaiidja app will help keep the language alive for future generations and help visitors to the region better understand the local culture

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Ancient Aboriginal “Iwaidja” language app to be launched for smartphones  


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