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The On Demand Economy


Over time the consumer service model has evolved with consumer demands. Over the past 5 years many industries have adapted to the On Demand community.

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Traveler’s for instance are using Uber to replace taxi drivers and people are also opting to use AirBnB for accommodation as opposed to hotels and motels. The change in consumption has been due largely to the process being more cost efficient.

As the consumer On Demand service model has evolved, so has the On Demand business-to-business (B2B) model.

At the forefront of the On Demand B2B model are Millennial workers wanting more flexibility in their work and life balance. From sales and marketing to HR and copywriting, companies and organisations are utilising the On Demand platforms to gain a competitive advantage through faster and smarter scaling of their workforce.

There is a big movement in the creative sector where companies are using On Demand platforms like Workfast and Freelancer to assist in creating campaigns for particular projects. The reason for this change is largely due to the nature of these projects having fixed in rates and also a fast turn around.

Keep an eye out for the following apps:


Businesses can use the Workfast On Demand work platform to hire a worker in any industry for an hour, a week or a month. It offers independent contractors who bid on the job posted. What makes this app attractive is that it offers reviews of workers from previous employees. You can then align yourself with workers that you feel are most fitting.


Directly is an app that helps improve customer service. It remotely connects workers to supportive roles where customers get expert help. Directly workers are rewarded on their knowledge of their clients business and their ability to help customers solve issues.


Another app Andela works with startups to provide the top one percent of developers On Demand. Their alumni is based on problem solving abilities, technical training and professional development.


Axiom works as an On Demand legal service. It works with over 1500 employees over 3 continents.

It specialises in many industries including tech, media and financials services.



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