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The 2014 Real Estate Forecast



The Australian real estate market is currently only second in the world behind that of the US market in its activeness for investors. Last year saw plenty of strong investment conditions for home buyers and although many are predicting a burst to the Australian housing bubble in 2014, there are still plenty of reasons for prospective home buyers to be optimistic this year.

How Did We Get Here?

Last year we saw great growth across the country with home values rising substantially in nearly every major Australian city. Sydney saw a 15.1 percent increase while Perth was up 9.9 percent and Melbourne rounded out the year at 8.5 percent growth. This rise was due in large part to population growth, low interest rates and increases in consumer confidence. These factors all combined for a perfect mixture that lead to a much higher housing demand than previous years.

What to Expect

There are a few different polarizing views when it comes to the future of the housing market in Australia for 2014. First, we have American investment guru Harry Dent’s less than happy predictions. Dent has claimed credit for predicting the US boom and subsequent bust and the deflationary decade in Japan. He has recently made the rounds promoting his new book, The Demographic Cliff and is predicting a decline in the Australian market at anywhere from 30 to 50 percent. While that is an alarming prediction for most, Dent also states that there is a wildcard at play with China’s ultra wealthy investors who are in part to thank for the boom in 2013. If they keep investing it might help to keep Australia’s housing prices up.

Many other analysts like APM chief economist Andrew Wilson, are predicting a slowing in the housing market overall but nothing to the extent of Dent’s numbers. Wilson expects things to slow considerably in the market for both Sydney and Melbourne, of which both saw house price growth peak in December of last year. He also sees plenty of growth in the cards for both Perth and Brisbane. The market in Brisbane is still in the pivotal "catch-up" phase and is primed to reach new heights as Queensland sees a jump in the economy and an influx of job seekers. This is great for perspective investors in these regions.

Other market analysts are stating that Australia is still in the growing stage of the property cycle, which was bottomed out in mid-2012. This research shows that the housing market is moving into the "expansion" stage meaning more growth overall and an increase in property prices. Echoing predictions made by Wilson, this research shows that many states and cities will see different levels of growth but growing is they key factor here not a major decline.

What Does This Mean for You?

For the average home buyer this means that settling down and making that big purchase is still a good idea. Even with the possibility of the market slowing in certain urban areas this change will have little effect on the average home buyer as interest rates should stay low. If you are looking for great mortgage rates and customer service contact the expert team at State Custodians Mortgage today. As a leading non-bank lender, State Custodians Mortgage is committed to providing access to high quality home loans at market leading interest rates. They can help put you one step closer to taking advantage of the housing market while it is still on this generous uphill curve.



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