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The 2012–2013 Budget – Australian Government


The Federal Government has pledged to deliver a surplus in the 2012 budget, a promise that is likely to mean widespread cuts across government agencies, including to aspirational IT projects. The government is likely to lose a big voter base due to these cuts  to decrease pay rises in government jobs and culling of jobs which can be seen with a increase in union protests for pay rises all over Australia.

australia budget 2012 2013 features glance pdf document download

The budget aspires to spreads the benefits of the mining boom to help low and middle-income families, through increased payments to families and an allowance for eligible income recipients.

Some features of Australia BUDGET 2012 – 2013

$1.8 billion to increase Family Tax Benefit Part A for all eligible families, commencing 1 July 2013

From 1 July 2012, more than tripling the tax‑free threshold from $6,000 to $18,200, freeing up to 1 million Australians from the need to lodge a tax return

An extra $2.1 billion over five years on a new Schoolkids Bonus, paid directly to eligible recipients

From 1 July 2012, delivering tax breaks for small business, like the increase to the instant asset write‑off threshold to $6,500

Delivering 76 major new regional health infrastructure projects across Australia, worth $475 million

Increasing the number of Home Care packages by nearly 40,000, to nearly 100,000, over the next five years

$1.75 billion National Partnership Agreement on Skills Reform as agreed at COAG in April this year

Investing over $36 billion in roads, rail and ports over six years to 2013‑14


Budget Documents Download

Budget Overview2.3MB– Budget Overview is an overview of key budget aggregates and the Government’s budget priorities.

Appendix A ‑ Australian Government budget aggregates

Appendix B ‑ Assessment against the fiscal target
Appendix C ‑ Helping households with the cost of living
Appendix D ‑ Lowering the tax burdens of Australians
Appendix E ‑ Major initiatives in the 2012‑13 Budget
Appendix F ‑ Major savings in the 2012‑13 Budget
Appendix G ‑ Australian Government taxation and spending
Appendix H ‑ Detailed economic forecasts
Appendix I ‑ Historical budget and net financial worth data

Download Chartpack –.48MB (Zip)

More Budget documents 2012- 2013 PDF download

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Article by Gee Lan Kwo



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