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Safe Tech – 5 Technologies That Are Making Us Safer at Work and at Home


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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Cars are beginning to brake, park and drive themselves today, working towards safer driving and fewer accidents. It only makes sense that if our cars can get safer and smarter, so can our homes and our workplaces. Below are five different ideas how to use technology to keep you safer at work and at home.

  1. Smart Door Locks

It may be time to consider replacing your keyed lock with new smart door lock technology. You could open your door with a code or a fingerprint! Some locks pair with video doorbells to enable you to open the door for a visiting friend or relative with your smartphone. Before you upgrade your door lock, check the sturdiness of your door to ensure that burglars won’t easily circumvent an impressive lock.

  1. Video Doorbells

While you are upgrading your door, why not add in a video doorbell? The footage that these video cameras capture can allow you to check that your child made it home safely from school or catch a potential package thief using facial recognition software. You can even chat with folks on your doorstep with some models. There are lots of different models out there so you will want to be sure you do your research and get the features that are the most important to you.

  1. Smart Home Control Systems

Do you ever turn the lights on when you leave the house just to make it look like someone is home? With a smart home control system, you not only control your lights, but you can also close the garage door, and turn off valves if any water is leaking or overflowing. Your peace of mind can significantly increase by knowing that your control system will notify you of anything you need to attend to immediately and also give you the capability to take action via your smartphone.

  1. Security Systems

In nearly all workplaces, security systems are “a must” because it is believed that burglars are deterred by cameras and alarm warnings. Security systems at home are equally, if not more advanced than those found in the workplace. Some tie in with smart home ecosystems and can be controlled by devices like Alexa. Most systems include both door and window sensors while others go so far as to add smoke detectors. Whichever system you decide to use, you should check how it is monitored and what the expected response time is for the alarm company.

  1. Drones

Workplace safety is not just about security, it is about checking conditions of job sites as well. Drones are becoming a larger part of this conversation because they can help in a variety of areas. Some are being used to patrol large premises and capture intruders on video. In other locations, drones are used to check for hazardous materials or dangerous job site conditions. Drones have also proven to be an incredible tool for disaster situations for their ability to get large amounts of data in relatively little time with no risk to human life.

Technology continues to advance faster than we can possibly imagine, so why not put those advances to work creating a safer home and workplace? Monitor your porch with a video doorbell. Eliminate the need for a key with a new smart lock. Tie it all together with a smart home control system and/or a compatible security system. At work, consider utilizing drones for security and safety purposes. Invest in making the places you spend the majority of your day the safest they can be.



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