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Plan of action in case of an accident




No matter how much of a responsible driver a person is, road accidents are sometimes unavoidable. Road accidents, even minor ones, can be overwhelming to your mind, if not to your body. While being a vigilant and responsible driver is a great way to avoid accidents, it is better to be prepared.

Having a contingency plan for such emergencies will help you keep yourself and others safe. Knowing what you have to do will help you reduce your reaction time to the situation, and when it comes to road accidents, a few seconds can make all the difference. If you ever find yourself in an accident, take the following steps to ensure a safe outcome:

Do not panic

As mentioned earlier, accidents can be overwhelming. It is commonly noticed that people experience a range of emotions right after they have been in an accident. If you experience something similar, make sure you remain calm. Staying calm will help you assess and handle the situation better.

Some people tend to panic and flee from the scene of accident. This is not advisable at all. If you are ever in an accident, never leave the accident scene before it is appropriate to do so. Running away from the scene of accident can have serious legal implications.

Make sure everyone is safe

If it is not possible or safe to get out of the car, make sure you, and everyone else inside the car is properly buckled in. If possible, contact emergency services immediately.

On the other hand, even if the accident is minor, it is your responsibility to first make sure everyone involved in the accident is unharmed.

Contact emergency services

Once you have made sure everyone is safe, contact the emergency services. If nobody requires medical attention, contact law enforcement and your preferred towing company in Perth. If possible, make notes of what happened at the scene. This will help you better illustrate it to the police and to your insurance company.

Bonus tip: Choosing a towing company in advance is a great idea to save yourself from hassle in an already difficult situation. Moreover, doing so would give you time to research and find the most feasible option.

Exchange information

This is crucial. Once you have made sure the emergency services are on their way, start collecting names, numbers, addresses, license plate numbers and insurance information of all the drivers involved. To be on the safe side, exchange the same information with other passengers involved in the accident. Keep in mind that the accident scene is an intense environment for everyone, and try to be cordial and cooperative while exchanging information.

However, being cordial does not mean you need to unnecessarily apologise to anyone. Never ever, intentionally or unintentionally, apologise or accept any mistakes that you think you may have done. Accepting mistakes may later translate into accepting the legal liability of the accident. Moreover, it might create problems with your insurance provider.

Get a medical check-up done

Even if the accident is a minor one and there are no visible injuries or pain in your body, it is advisable to see a doctor. Sometimes, internal injuries remain ignored, and turn into serious problems later on. It is best to be safe and get a doctor’s opinion.


A little preparation goes a long way, especially in case of emergency situations like road accidents. Keeping calm and being able to handle these situations responsibly will ensure your safety, along with the safety of those you care.



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