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Computer Password recovery and solutions business Ideas


Have you ever forgot your password to your laptop or computer at any time and didn’t know what to do or how to unlock your computer. Yes we all have at some part of time done this! People not only forget passwords to the computers at home but also it’s a regular occurrence at the office as well. Password recovery tools and file recovery is an  in demand service due to the progress in technology and devices.

password help solution

So what do you do if your forgot your password?

Well in the first instance many people would just call a PC help or support guy to recover access to their laptop or computer. Many people would just turn to google search and search for recovery tools or software or methods available  to try and see if there is a way to re-gain access to their pc or computer .

The fact is that there is a wealth of information on the internet to do stuff, even how to recover or reset your password, but often these free methods are quite technical and also long winded, so much so that a normal lay person would not be able to follow or do it. Here is where paid custom software solutions which were specifically built for this task come into play and also here is where the business opportunity lies for interested parties.

Business idea for computer password business

The custom password recovery software is handy not only to users who are a bit technical savvy and who can reset the passwords themselves, but is also available for purchase or buying for  a computer repair business or a person intending to start a computer password support or recovery business.

A person with little technology know how  can easily buy this software for a one time fee and provide a password recovery service for a fee to other people as part of their business and can keep re-using this software once purchased.

Password recovery software

The software is available at http://www.unlockwindowscomputer.com [ Two software options provided below ] and can be used by a computer repair business for resetting forgotten Microsoft windows passwords. This program recovers access to your PC  without losing any existing files on the pc or laptop.

This pass resetting software works on all windows computers including the latest windows 8, windows 7  and also older version of  Microsoft windows. It resets not only user passwords but also admin / administrator passwords. Once you use this program to  reset the existing pass you should be able to login back into your laptop/computer.

This custom software makes it a breeze to unlock a laptop or pc within minutes by just resetting the existing password and so no files are at risk of being deleted or lost. Click the above link provided for more details on how this software works.


Take this example below as a typical question asked for a lost password

I forgot my password for my hp laptop !

Question: I have tried everything to get into my laptop.  The password I had set up will not work for some reason. Is there anyway I can bypass this and get into my laptop.

I bought a HP Pavilion Laptop Quad Edition – with Windows 7

Prod. No. – LXXXX  34-Bit

Please help.

I do have two boot disks that came with laptop.  I have tried to use them to restart and recover passwords, but the disks don’t seem to want to run.

I am obviously doing something wrong.


and Thank You



SOME other popular enquiries in relation to lost passwords

1. How to reset Windows 7 administrator password? I forgot my Windows 7 password for my laptop.

2. I changed my laptop login password and unfortunately lost it, how do I recover it without files lost?

3. I bought an old Dell laptop installed Windows 7 and I don’t know the administrator password, how do I do?


Solution : Use Custom Password recovery software as provided above


With computers and laptops becoming things that people can’t do without in this century, resetting passwords or then recovering files and access to lost passwords and computers is becoming a regular necessity.

Passwords are nowdays used for everything from email ( Gmail , Hotmail , Yahoo email ) to tablets ( ipad , Note) to smartphones ( Samsung galaxy , iphone, HTC ) etc to secure your personal information on these devices and its handy to have a instant solution available just in case you forget or lose your password.

Given the number of devices that could need a password retrieval or resetting service in the future this is a possibly a good business idea that can be popular in the near future and there will only be more providers of software for this service as our appetite for more gadgets and technology services increase.

How to promote your pc password service or business


As in any  business , marketing is  a necessity  and if you are starting a  password resetting business  then marketing your business or service is  needed.

Promoting your service or password recovery business can be easy in this day and age. All you need to do is advertise your business via a website, get listings in local directory’s online and offline , yellow pages or do some ppc advertising to promote your local business or website.

You can get the password resetting  software over  here. Good luck!



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