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How to Get the Best Deal at Car Auctions in NSW


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Buying cars at auctions can be quite a fun activity; you get to enjoy the thrill of bidding and at the same time, you may score a good deal. Many people are increasingly attracted to buying cars in the auction, especially because cars generally go for better prices.

Auctions are also great for buying rare cars that you might never find anywhere else. Many people with unique cars prefer to sell them on auctions. In auctions, people can bid and compete and this can potentially drive the price up.

However, for you to get a good deal, you have to know the ropes of the auction business. The following are four things you can do to get a better deal buying cars at auction.

Avoid getting emotionally involved

This is a fundamental principle in the auction business. For you to get a good deal, you must ensure that you don’t get emotionally engaged with the product. Getting emotionality attached to the product might excite you, which means that you will end up overbidding.

You, therefore, should take each deal as it comes and only gets in at the right time and at the right price. If you like a car, but the bidding drives the price beyond what you planned to spend, you should pull out.

Do proper research

Doing proper research helps you to not only understand how the auction process works but also how you can save money. Before you attend an auction, you must research what type of vehicle you want and how much it averages in price.

Knowing the average market price will help you to place a fair bid. Without doing proper research, it would be hard to know the real value of a car. As a result, you may end up overpaying for it. Researching also helps you to ensure you buy an authentic product because you are able to verify the information provided by the sellers.

Don’t get in too quickly

For the most part, an auction is like a mind game. Bidders drive the price up, waiting for the others to give up. To get the best deal, one should not jump into the bidding war. You should wait for the early bidders to show their cards and see who the real bidders are.

Even if you spot a car you like in an auction, you should hold back your enthusiasm. Show other bidders that you’re not willing to go up on a war. Once they cool down and lock in their bids, now you can make your move.

Watch the crowd

Most people who buy cars from online auctions do it in the comfort of their office or home. In the auction house, the mood is usually a little hyped. This often makes people excited as they enjoy every bit of the experience. You should be on the lookout for such bidders because they enjoy bidding wars and can quickly drive the price above the roof.

Watching the crowd also helps one to understand who the genuine buyers are and who are there just to drive the price up. Being able to read the crowd is a luxury that people who buy cars from online auctions don’t enjoy.

Finding car auctions in NSW is easy. Just Google car auctions NSW and there will be tens of offers for online as well as physical auctions. Remember, always bid with your head and not your heart.



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