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Top 10 Best Home Security Cameras for 2019


One always cares about the security of their house and valuables when they are away from it. Using video surveillance & Security Cameras is now a new trend around the world.

It allows homeowners to ensure visitor identification, provide evidence for insurance claims, check what is happening in the observation area, watching the activities of kids and relatives, records the facts of theft or misappropriation of property & other acts of criminal activity.

There are many companies that offer security cameras with installation Services. Let’s have a look at some popular names now.

  1. Nest Cam


Home security camera Nest Cam is designed for home surveillance. It offers round the clock video in real time. At 130 degrees, a wide-angle lens gives you visual access to the inside of your home all day long at 1080p. The camera will automatically send a warning or notification to your phone or email address along with an attached photo of activities. Its installation process is easy and simple.

It works perfectly with Amazon Alexa. The built-in microphone and speaker allow you to communicate with people in the room as it acts as an intercom. It also has a night vision capability, enabling you to see the room clearing during the day and at night.

There is the possibility of programming intelligent warnings, continuous recording of videos and storage on clouds and creating activity zones for more accurate warnings. You need to have a monthly subscription to access all the features of this smart camera.

  1. Vimtag VT-361


The Vimtag VT-361 surveillance camera offers built-in wireless video monitoring through ultra-high resolution with a 3.6mm lens and a clear video compression format. You can use this camera to monitor pets, businesses, rest homes, the elderly, and even babysitters and nannies.

You can ensure the security of your house through live video streaming through applications on your smartphone, tablet or PC.

The Vimtag home camera offers amazing functions for home security, such as a 120-degree turn, a 320-degree tilt which is controlled remotely, motion detection, a 3x digital zoom, clear night vision up to 10 meters, accompanying snapshot notifications and two-way voice communication via the built-in microphone and speaker.

It requires Internet access in order to function properly. An internal SD card slot records video conveniently. The setup is simple and is complete only in 4 steps because of the convenient scanning of the QR code.

  1. Logitech Circle Wireless HD Video Security Camera


The Logitech Circle Camera delivers high definition (1080p) video streaming to your home 24*7/365 days. You get instant on your smartphone or tablet for all detected activities.

With this CCTV camera, you can keep track of what’s going on inside your home and make sure everything is well in the house when you’re on vacation. This work can be performed conveniently through your phone or the Logitech app. It offers free cloud video footage and storage.

You can access those videos accessed within 24 hours from your secure private cloud. Logitech Circle has a simple setting and is portable and rechargeable.

A wide-angle lens with a diagonal of 135 degrees makes it easier for you to view what is happening in even large rooms. Companies that provide CCTV installation Services to their clients use this camera to guarantee foolproof video surveillance of houses.

  1. Lynx Indoor Home Security Camera


The Lynx home security camera has intelligent face recognition capabilities which allow you to choose who your security camera recognizes normally and who will be considered an impostor.

With the help of the crystal-clear stream of 1080p HD Lynx video, you can clearly see each face in the video. Night (infrared) vision allows the camera to record videos even in total and complete darkness.

Its configuration and installation process is quite simple. Its camera is equipped with two-way sound (with a built-in microphone and speaker), allowing you to record the sound and listen what is happening in your house.

Lynx also offers motion detection and instant alerts to you in quick time. With the Lynx home security camera, you get a free and secure seven-day cloud storage for life.

  1. Arlo Pro


It is a completely wireless camera. You can easily place it anywhere without worrying about its proximity to the nearest electrical outlet. It is waterproof, which makes it a versatile choice for indoor or outdoor surveillance. Also, the rechargeable battery supports fast charging and seamless sharing without requiring your camera to turn off.

It doesn’t start recording until you request a live channel. There is also a two-way audio function, allowing you to hear the sound coming from the room the built-in microphone and speak to individuals present there. It also has a sound recording function.

  1. Canary


With this excellent Camera, you can stream real-time video of your home with a high-definition 1080p HD camera as a wide-angle camera lens (147 degrees!) offers a wide field of view. So, you can cover a large area even with a small camera. Automatic night vision and high-quality sound increase its usability up to a great extent.

Canary All-in-One is more than just a camera. It has a built-in 90-decibel siren that will start making a sound when it detects suspicious activities in your house.

Motion activated recording, remote auto on/off function and instant access to local authorities ensure you are calm while you are away. Not only this but also intelligent notifications enable you to receive instant video alerts on your devices.

It is also equipped with HomeHealth technology and has the ability to control quality, temperature and humidity. You can analyse the collected data to know how your home can affect your health.

Its installation is not needed. Just plug in Canary and connect to the Internet to use it. When you purchase it, free secure cloud storage comes along with it.

  1. Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera


Nest Cam security camera if fully compatible with Amazon’s Alexa- a popular home technology. Its outdoor camera provides 24/7 live video with a wide-angle lens with a viewing angle of 130 degrees.

It sends alerts and accompanying snapshots to you whenever it detects unusual activity outside your house. The camera, cable and adapter are weatherproof, which allows you to use all times regardless of the weather.

You need to have A monthly subscription to access its all features and functionalities. Even with a free trial version of Nest Aware, you can receive smart alerts and continuous cloud recording.



It is popular among homeowners as the smartest outdoor security camera. This outdoor security camera records videos in real time.

The live footage detects and warns you about things that happen outside your house. The camera can easily distinguish between people, cars and animals.

It has a built-in intelligent spotlight that turns on when it is necessary to prevent unnecessary happenings from taking place. It has e floodlight capability, which makes it unobtrusive and “invisible. Furthermore, recorded videos are stored on the microSD card of your home security camera with the ability to store video on Dropbox or on your personal FTP server.

It also offers infrared night vision, which increases your ability to view what is happening outside of your home 24*7/365 days.

  1. DAHUA SD22204T-GN


This a perfect camera for home security. It Turns almost 180 degrees as per the user’s instructions. Three hundred positions are programmed into the device memory, which can be changed if needed.

It comes with a lens with the ability to adjust the focal length to increase the scale of the image. It has small dimensions – 132x132x116 mm and performs encoding using three streams.



This is an excellent home security camera is in a round shape, which comes with a warranty period of 12 months.

With Maximum resolution 1344×1344, Weight- 200 grams, Dimensions -70x70x70 mm, and wireless connectivity- it is a nice camera for home security and real-time monitoring. Its 70x70x70 mm size allows the device to remain unnoticed for a long time.

Its viewing angle is 360 degrees, enabling it to capture videos from all angles.

Final Words

There are many affordable and convenient home cameras available on the market. First, identify your home security needs very well to choose the best camera. We hope you find your favourite home security camera in this list. Best of luck.

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Lisa Cooper work as a blogger with Fixtel – an Australian owned and operated telecommunications company offers CCTV & Security System Installation in Australia. She loves to write insightful blogs & articles on the security Gadgets and Components of a Telecommunications System.

Top 10 Best Home Security Cameras for 2019  


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