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Australian Banks Half yearly reporting


The banks have been doing good business, here are the half  yearly profit and loss reports for the big four banks here in Australia, Westpac , NAB, CommBank and ANZ.

Reporting season – Bank profits Australia 

gail kelly westpac ceo profit reporting 2012


Westpac 2012 | $3.209 Billion | May 3, Half year profit reporting
WESTPAC CEO – Gail kelly
Australia’s very own Gail Kelly has joined the ranks of Oprah Winfrey and Lady Gaga on Forbes magazine’s list of the world’s ten most powerful women.

Top banks australia Profit reporting 2012

NAB 2012 | $2.828 Billion | May 10, Half year profit

NAB CEO – Cameron ClyneNAB Chief executive Cameron Clyne reciived more than $1000  and hour in pay and perks last year according to media reports

ANZ 2012 | $2.925 Billion | May 2, Half year profit

ANZ CEO – Philip Chronican is Chief Executive Officer, Australia.
Philip oversees the Australian geography and is specifically responsible for the bank’s retail and commercial business and customers in Australia, as well as leading ANZ’s retail segment on a global basis

Commonwealth 2012 | $3.649 Billion | August, Half year profit
Commonwealth Bank – CEO Ian Narev
Ian Narev says CBA will step up its rollout of branches in Indonesia and China

Australian Banks Half yearly reporting  


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