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4 Ways to Increase Leads from Your Wedding Directory Listing


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Imagine a bride-to-be who’s planning her wedding. Where does she go to find the suppliers she needs? Online.

But, with so many pages filled with vendors and reviews, she’s eager to find everything in one place. So, an organized, top-quality and trustworthy business web directory listing is the perfect solution.

Now, if you own a business which offers wedding related products or services, you can attract prospects by using online web directories. So, if you’re wondering how to increase leads, here are 4 ways suggested by Brides Central to improve your lead generation results.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is important to help your prospects easily find you online. The keywords which you use should reflect your business’ main activity, the region you cater to and the style of wedding which you can provide. For example, when online users search for best wedding venues in Australia, by using these keywords, you’ll attract leads.

So, including keywords in your wedding directory listing, especially in the title will increase your business’ chances of being found by your target market.

Examine the Directory’s Market

Any directory has an established target market. And, wedding directories have specific couples which they’re trying to attract, depending on location, budget, or style. So, when you create the content for your business’ directory listing consider your wedding target market.

If you want to attract high-end brides, offer luxurious services and products. Also, in case you can upload images consider high-quality and relevant photos for a luxurious wedding. Videos of previous weddings which your business has organized are great testimonials to showcase the quality of your services.

Choosing a Premium or Free Listing

Although web directories offer a premium listing including various benefits compared to the free version, it doesn’t guarantee real results.

Some of the benefits which you’re promised to receive include an ad on the homepage of the web directory, a feature on the directory’s blog or referrals on the directory’s Instagram or Facebook pages.

But, if your business is mentioned on the directory’s blog which is cluttered by ads about your competition, you won’t enjoy any benefits from lead generation. So, before choosing to pay for the premium package ask for the directory’s statistics.

Choosing the Proper Category

Wedding directories include various categories for suppliers. Usually, it depends on the type of service and location. And, you’re often restricted to list your business only under a single category. So, it comes down to making the right choice.

However, what if you offer services nationwide? Or, what if you can offer your services in two separate regions? Or, what should you choose when you offer both catering and flowers for weddings?

In this case, you should focus on creating a high-quality listing depending on your business’ strongest service and you can re-direct clients towards the additional services which you offer. It’s a matter of wedding marketing.

Final Thoughts

Wedding directories are highly useful to improve your business’ online presence and increase your business’ leads.

However, before you list your business you should analyze the online web directory’s target market, choose the right category for your business and include the right keywords throughout your content, and make sure that the Premium package is worth being paid for.

After taking these steps, you’ll enjoy a significant increase in your leads from your wedding directory listing.



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