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Oven fairy ( Small Business- Start up Series)


We are starting a new small business start up  series  where  we will feature Small businesses  that have launched  and willing to share their launch, how they run their business and their success story.

First in the series – Oven fairy www.ovenfairy.com.au

At age 63 you would hardly think starting a new business would be on your mind but that is what I did.

oven fairy

Oven fairy- Get your Dirt y oven clean

Staring into my dirty oven one day I just could not face the thought of cleaning it again. I searched for someone who would do the job for me and discovered that this service was not available here in Sydney. I immediately thought that here was a business opportunity.

My successful Interior Design business which I have had now for 40 years was extremely busy with many projects in the pipeline but despite that Oven Fairy was born.

Going from never wanting to clean my oven again I was out there developing my new enterprise by cleaning other people’s oven
Key to the “jump start” is the name Oven Fairy.s! It took several months to get the whole system right, training staff, implementing office procedures and imbuing everyone with our commitment to excellent customer service.

Tracking all our advertising a nd promotions told us what worked and what did not. Apart from our repeat business we ask every client where they heard about us so we know month by month where our business comes from.

Small business

The challenges were many from finding the right products that are environmentally safe to honouring our promise to return all the ovens to showroom condition.Oven Fairy is recommended by Ilve, Miele and Smeg and our statistics show that 65% of our business is returning clients and recommendations. We are the premier oven cleaning business in Sydney and we now have 7 Oven Fairies delighting passionate cooks in Sydney.

Oven Fairy also cleans stove tops, range hoods, microwaves and BBQs. Juggling Oven Fairy and Momo Interiors has kept me very busy and I am still enjoying all the excitement and rewards owning a business presents.

I will be 70 years old this year with no plans for slowing down. Passion and commitment to the highest levels of customer service, doing wh at you promise, being on time for appointments all contribute to success.

Get in touch with Rosemary at www.ovenfairy.com.au

Guest article part of the “new small business start up  series”

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Oven fairy ( Small Business- Start up Series)  


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