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Business Start Up – Caroline’s Skin Care


Caroline’s Skincare is now a established skincare product in the market. Read how Caroline’s Cream Products was born  and launched into the market

How I started my business (Start up story)

Twelve years ago I developed eczema on my hands so severe that when my daughter was born I couldn’t bathe her without excruciating pain. Nothing I used worked so I decided to develop my own cream to help ease the symptoms.

Caroline Skincare australia Business start up

The cream began existence in my kitchen. I had aromatherapy experience so used that knowledge, along with a lot of research to create a healing moisturiser. After months of trial and error and many experimental batches, I found a workable formula that was filled with soothing, natural ingredients.

Business – Demand and Expansion

Not only had the cream improved my skin rapidly, the results it had with others in treating a variety of skin complaints such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis was incredible. Public demand led me to begin producing Caroline’s Cream in bigger numbers and founding my skincare company, Caroline’s Skincare Pty Ltd.

In 2003 my first batch of six bottles was taken by a local pharmacy. Now my cream is listed on the registrar of Therapeutic goods as a complementary medicine, I have two manufacturers and a distributor.


History of start up Caroline Skincare


Initially I had very few business skills as I’d left school at 15 and modelled for 20 years; I was computer illiterate – I didn’t even know how to turn a computer on! In fact I had no experience at all in running a business. But out of necessity I learned, especially as the business grew.

I also started with no working capital (I started with $5000 on a credit card and initially offered product on consignment for nearly six months) and it was at least six years before I drew earnings from the business. As demand increased it was necessary to continually pour the income back into it.

In 2006 I created an All Purpose Wash, which is based on the same formula as the cream.

In the past year my business has grown by 2000%. New outlets are coming on board daily, with my range now available in over 3000 outlets Australia wide, as well as being sent overseas to customers on a regular basis.

Guest post for Caroline Monet – Founder, Caroline’s Skin Care www.Carolineskincare.com



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