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War of the Pc Tablets reaches Australia


Apple started the tablet war  In the US  and the court cases  soon reached  global  corners  with APPLE  and SAMSUNG  filing multiple cases in different  countries  apparently to protect their copyrights. Apart from the US  where they are ongoing cases , these two companies are also fighting cases in Japan, France, Italy and Australia


With Samsung now getting a decision in their favour in Australia they will be laughing all the way to the bank by  being able to sell their SAMSUNG TABLETS in Australia which apple was trying to  block. The market for smartphones and tablets  are hot and there is a lot of money involved in sales of these latest hot products  and now companies are willing to file  court cases just to get their fair share of this pie. with sales in smartphones and tablets booming Apple and Samsung have been embroiled in some 30 legal cases in 10 countries since April

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Samsung galaxy tablet  and Apple ipad  are fighting it out  to become the markets leaders  in the tablet market

Samsung Electronics Co won this round of its global patent fight with Apple Inc on Friday when an Australian court lifted a ban on the sale of its Galaxy tablet computer just  in time for the busy Christmas shopping season. 

Samsung’s bid to block iPhone 4s sales in France was also recently rejected  allowing Apple to  sell its new iPhone 4s range of  smartphones.

Now Amazon.com has also entered the fray with its Kindle Fire tablet joining the tablet wars

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War of the Pc Tablets reaches Australia  


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